4 Things To Know About Vibratory Finishing Machines

Vibratory Finishing Machines

Cleaning and deburring large amounts of items is no easy task. That is why manufacturers needed to find a way to make mass production of parts and items faster and more efficient. And through innovative ideas came the vibratory finishing machine.

What Is the Vibratory Finishing Process?

To appreciate vibratory finishing machines, you first need to know the vibratory finishing process.

Vibratory finishing requires you to put a large volume of parts, typically metals, in a large bowl or tub, which vibrates. The vibration causes friction, which makes the pieces rub against an abrasive medium until the rough edges disappear and you achieve your desired texture. 

What Are the Things You Need to Know About Vibratory Finishing Machines

There are many things that manufacturers will say about vibratory finishing machines, but the four that stand out are:

Vibratory Finishing Machines are Low Cost

One of the reasons why manufacturers use vibratory finishing machines is because it’s more cost-effective than other finishing equipment. Sure, the machine can be expensive. But the benefits outweigh the cost. You can finish multiple parts at once without breaking a sweat. 

With its vibratory process, finishing larger quantities of parts at a time will save you more time and money in business expenditure and equipment.

Vibratory Finishing Machines Are Low Maintenance 

Another thing that vibratory finishing machines boast is that they are low maintenance. Even if your equipment is top-notch, it wouldn’t matter if you have to constantly repair and check on it every time you use it. Manufacturing requires machines to work for long periods. And vibratory finishing machines are built to last long. 

The reliability of vibratory finishing machines means you can take a larger workload without having to stop from time to time for repairs and cleanings. Maximum workload means more orders fulfilled and better costs in saving money.

Vibratory Finishing Machines are Versatile

It would be best to have a versatile machine that can perform various tasks. So you can make the most of your budget. And vibratory finishing machines are just that. It can polish different items like ceramics, stainless steel, aluminum, plastics, etc. 

Vibratory Finishing Machines are Compatible with Fragile Products

Vibratory finishing machines need a high level of friction to polish and deburr parts. But that should not worry you if you have fragile products because they can handle sensitive materials without breaking or deforming their shape.

Vibratory finishing machines can maintain the integrity of products while offering a smooth process.

What to Consider When Choosing Vibratory Finishing Machine

Before you buy a vibratory finishing machine, here are a few considerations you need to make first:

Part Size – It would be best to use the right vibratory finishing machine for your products or parts to produce your desired results. Smaller vibratory machines would be perfect for delicate and smaller batch work. Likewise, larger parts would require a larger machine.

Part Fragility – If you are processing delicate parts, it would be best to use a divider plate to avoid impingements and ensure a smooth finishing result.

Application – Determine the tasks needed from your machine. If you want both a dry and wet finishing process for your materials, it would be best to have a drying system, too.

Space – Finally, you’d need to think about the available space in your facility if you can fit a vibratory finishing machine in the first place. 


If you require your products to have a smooth and clean process, buying a vibratory finish should solve your troubles. These machines are fast and efficient, ensuring you can constantly produce well-polished items at a time. So get a quote on vibratory finishing machines now and get started on your project. 

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