360 Photo Booth: Covering Your Events from all Angles

360 Photo Booth

It’s every event manager’s goal to instill innovation and creativity in each of their events. Photo booths can help you with that. But not just any photo booth will do! It has to be innovative and engaging, breathing life to anything ordinary and making them exciting and fun!

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People love snapping pictures to remember event highlights and adding a photo booth provides the attendees an opportunity to capture such moments in an exciting, fun, and engaging way. However, the ordinary photo booth is sometimes not enough.

This is where the awesome world of the 360 photo booth comes into play!

This photo booth takes photo moments from the ordinary to the extraordinary. Find out more about this technology below.

What is a 360 (or 3D) photo booth?

The booth captures images by spinning around the event attendee. Guests have a thrilling experience as the camera or cameras take an all-around view of each pose.

It is a spinning photo booth where cameras work together to create something beautiful, new, and almost addictive. Using the latest image processing techniques and camera technology, the booth creates videos and images that are instantly ready for sharing on social media. Attendees can share creative images with friends and relatives on social media, or you can use the resulting images to market your event or brand. 

Different 360 photo booth modes

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A photo booth comes in various modes that add the fun element to your event. Whether it is a red-carpet event or a birthday party, a 360 booth can deliver the shots you want on demand. A “360 photo booth near me” search online reveals these three most popular modes.

1) The 360 freeze booth

This photo booth has different cameras mounted at different angles, and they capture the subject from all directions at the same time. The subject (the event guest) stands in the middle of the camera arrangement. Images captured producing intriguing footage where the subject seems frozen in time but the camera seems to go around the subject.

2) A 360 rotation photo booth mode

In this booth, a 360-degree camera rotates around the guest standing at the center. The camera can capture 180-degree or 360-degree footage. The resulting footage is then mixed with effects such as slow-motion or overlays for streaming to emails and social media.

3) The 360 virtual reality (VR) experience mode

The mode allows guests to immerse themselves in a new world. A guest or group of guests stand in front of a green screen and strike a pose. The software then transports the subject into a unique world that changes depending on the theme of your event.

Guests can pull out their phones and or put on VR headsets and see themselves in the instant virtual reality world. This is a futuristic interactive entertainment option that’s guaranteed to have a major impact while leaving a lasting memory of the event. A 360 VR photo booth is suitable for events with corporate clients during travel and tourism or brand experience functions.

Benefits of installing a 360 photo booth for your next event

Before you choose 360 photo booth for your event, here are the advantages it might bring:

  • Give guests a “comprehensive view”—With such undeniably creative and fun prospects as the photo booth provides, your guests are likely to stay entertained throughout an event’s duration.
  • Push creativity and authentic social media content—All the slow mos, GIFs, videos, and photos that carry your branding have a massively positive impact on your business’ credibility and portfolio.
  • Attendees become part of an event—Getting guests and invitees interested throughout an event can be difficult. A 360-degree photo booth can accomplish this with less tear and wear on the hosting party.
  • Built-in instant social media share options—Sharing is hassle-free with a 360 photo booth with ring light since it comes with instant social media sharing capabilities. They allow your guests to capture and share their photos through Facebook, Instagram, and other social media platforms right away. This helps spread the word about your event. Sharing also helps people trust a business better when they hear about it from people within their social circles.
  • Cost-effective—If you are looking to provide your guests with a once-in-a-lifetime experience at your events, 3D photo booths are an excellent choice. Fortunately, a booth does not cost as much as hiring a professional photographer.
  • Collect data for future marketing efforts—As your guests snap and share their images, you are collecting data on who they are. Photo booths come with assets that can help improve your communication with attendees after the event. Not only does this improve your event Return on Investment (RoI), it also has data to augment your future sponsorship and marketing opportunities.
  • A new revenue stream—Photo booths also come fully equipped with options for generating revenue. Some event managers are selling ad space on the photo frame, digital background, booth skin, and even email template. Convenient online user interfaces let you change the graphics and logos effortlessly.

Renting a photo booth

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You can find a 360 photo booth for rent. Some services give you the option of setting up the unit and operating it on your own. Other service providers give you a complete service where they take care of the installation and operating the booth for guests at your events.

Rental photo booths are available in various sizes. Some platforms can support up to five guests for a single shot.

Other benefits of renting a photo booth include:

  • It’s cheaper — Photo booths can be expensive. Renting one is fair and helps you earn money without worrying about maintenance.
  • Ready onsite technical assistance — You get full-time technical support from the service provider.
  • No maintenance costs — Photo booth maintenance is expensive since the whole setup contains equipment that requires regular replacement and servicing. Renting a photo booth means there is no maintenance cost, since these fall squarely in the hands of the service provider.
  • A ready backup — Renting a photo booth means there is another unit that’s available in case of equipment breakdown. No more worrying about technical failure ruining your carefully planned event.

Create unforgettable memories

Keep creating memories one after another. A 360 photo booth ensures you and your guests have awesome pictures that preserve the memories. Plan for a photo booth in your budget and raise your brand to the next level!

Event planning is not the easiest of tasks. However, our blog section offers fast-to-deploy, cost-effective, and ready-to-use solutions that help add more color to your events.

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  1. I love photo booths, they are so much fun and help to make photos seem much more relaxed. What a brilliant resource to have at your event!

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  3. The 360 video booth craze can be a lot of fun for the guests. The guests will have that video to look back on the rest of their lives.

  4. Renting a digital photo booth may also be a cheaper version. Your guests can send their photos or pictures to their phones or emails. Its a great cheaper version.

  5. It’s great that you talked about how 3D photo booths are an excellent choice if you are looking to provide guests with a once-in-a-lifetime experience at your events. We are going to hold a party next month and we are looking for nice entertainment for the event. 360 photo booths are pretty unique, so maybe we should rent one for our party.

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