10 Tips To Grow Real Instagram Followers For Your Business

Free Instagram Followers

Instagram is arguably the most visually appealing social media platform that has evolved into one of the most popular online marketplaces. As an online business, growing your followers should be seamless. Here are the top 10 tips to get you started with the right mindset.

#1. Schedule posts in advance:

Posting at the right time allows more visibility to your Instagram handle. For this reason, maintain a content calendar and schedule all your posts using cutting-edge tools to get the most engagement and response from the audience.

#2. Coherence in the content style – choose your theme:

Your content should align with a specific thematic tone. Having a consistent style doesn’t just live up to the expectations of your audience but also levels up your branding, which leads to more followers. For example, if your content is based on Germany, strictly clinging to it will earn you more german followers.

#3. Use hashtags prudently:

Hashtags are magic bullets in your business arsenal. Relevant hashtags can effortlessly earn you the reach your desire. As a result, learn how to put appropriate hashtags besides creating quality content. Furthermore, do not go for any arbitrary number of tags. Strike a good balance and limit your number of tags-per-post to a minimum of 20 and a maximum of 30.

#4. Collaborate with influencers and brand advocates:

If your business demands more visibility, attempting to collaborate with influencers is always a good choice. Working with brand partners will open your brand up to their audience base, therefore gaining more attention and followers.

#5. Giveaways:

Does your profile have a relatively low follower count? Then hosting giveaways on a relevant niche blog can get you hundreds of new followers. However, don’t do giveaways often, or you might attract the wrong bunch of followers.

#6. Avoid fake followers:

Fake followers, like get-rich-quick schemes, are a massive drawback to any brand’s organic growth. By having bought followers, you don’t just mislead the genuine audience and ruin your credibility, but in the process, you also deceive yourself as a significant segment of inactive (bought) followers don’t add up to desired Return on Investment (ROI).

#7. Insta analytics tools:

Tracking and monitoring followers via advanced analytics software can pinpoint which type of content needs improvement and where you are doing great. Include them in your toolkit.

#8. Post interactive content:

Interactive content is always an excellent way to keep engagement high. Leverage the power of Insta stories to deliver interactive polls, rating sliders, Quizzes, etc. This way, you can increase the chances of getting more quality followers.

#9. Promote your Instagram everywhere:

It is not very clever to only limit yourself to the platform itself. Try to create awareness outside of Instagram by showcasing your profile anywhere possible. For example, you can embed your posts on your company’s website. Alternatively, you can use Twitter to gain more visibility.

#10. Repost trendy content:

Creating fresh content is necessary to retain followers. However, nobody stops you to ride the tide by reposting some viral content and gain followers for free. Furthermore, you can add a new spin to the trend and stand out in the crowd.

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