Yes, Telemarketing Still Works (And Here’s Why)


With a combination of human innovation and modern technology, telemarketing may be more relevant than ever before. But why is telemarketing still such a great way to reach modern customers?

In the Internet age, it’s tempting to think that phone calls don’t get results. However, contrary to popular belief, telemarketing remains a clever and effective way to get in touch with leads. Plus, thanks to technologies like pre-recorded sound clips, telemarketing jobs are more desirable than they once were, giving you more workers to choose from.

What makes telemarketing a surprisingly effective marketing technique even today? Read on for the answer!

Why Telemarketing Can Still Work

Today, with increasing reliance on marketing methods like email and social media, people’s phones ring less often than they once did. This means it’s actually easier to find a space for telemarketing in your marketing plan. An unexpected phone call may actually stand out in all the marketing messages the average person gets each day.

Surprisingly, do-not-call lists can also make modern telemarketers more effective than before. To avoid getting blocked with these lists, you’ll need to carefully target your messages, and reach out specifically to your target audience. This means you may actually find yourself getting better results by connecting with people more strategically.

The future of telemarketing rests with getting permission to call people, rather than just sending mass calls out into the world. When you call only those people who’ve given you permission to do so, you’ll find that more of them convert into customers.

How to Make Telemarketing Work for You

Are you wondering how to reap the benefits of telemarketing in the modern world? Here are some ideas.

Craft Messages Carefully

First, refine your messaging, so it truly resonates with that target audience. A conversational approach that addresses specific pain points is most likely to get results.

Consider Hiring Freelancers

Today’s freelance telemarketer is often skilled and highly capable. Instead of hiring full-time telemarketers, consider only bringing on freelancers when you’re investing in a specific campaign. Hiring from a pool of freelancers lets you choose the best people for your needs every time.

Sync Telemarketing with Your Overall Plan

Telemarketing on its own won’t get results. Telemarketing as part of a strategic overall marketing plan will.

Other strategies, like social media and content marketing, can help you learn and measure what resonates best with your target audience. You can then use that information to craft telemarketing messages that get results.

Telemarketing is a great way to move a step further with leads you’ve already fostered through other methods, for example.

Will You Give Modern Telemarketing a Try?

Telemarketing might sound dated — but as a strategic part of a modern marketing plan, it can actually give your business a valuable boost.

The key is to upgrade your telemarketing plan for the modern world. Don’t just send calls out into the ether. Instead, work to connect with specific leads, offering targeted messages that speak just to them.

With this approach, you’ll see measurable results from each telemarketing campaign.

However, don’t stop there! Learn more about other modern marketing tactics in our Social Media Marketing section.

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