WordPress Development: 6 Benefits Of Websites Built on WordPress

WordPress Development

Now that websites have become the faces of every business online. Launching an online business is not a layman’s job, especially if it includes a hefty amount of investment. You need to create a perfect website to make an impression on the web.

Undoubtedly, WordPress is a great platform to start with. Indeed, this is the most popular CMS out there. A significant number of websites on the web are running with WordPress. You need to hire the best WordPress developer, though, to develop a robust website.

Due to the popularity of this platform, WP developers are available in plenty. It is good but also problematic in a way to find a skilled WordPress developer can be tricky. Moreover, choosing this CMS for website development provides numerous benefits.

Here are the six benefits of WordPress websites:

1. WordPress don’t ask you for money

Who doesn’t like things available with no price tag! Indeed, this is one of the vital reasons WordPress web development is a premier choice for business websites. So, WordPress is 100% free; no fees are attached. You won’t have the guilt of using something you have to pay for. You can simply go to WordPress.org to download the whole CMS for creating a website.

The first step is investing in a good hosting provider that will allow your site to function flawlessly. You can read this Verpex review and see if they are the right fit for WordPress site.

One thing you need to note here is WordPress.org and WordPress.com are different. You can get an open-source platform from WordPress.org, but WordPress.com is a premium-based platform. Moreover, WP is a free CMS, but if you want to create a website, you will need hosting and a domain that costs some fees.

2. It’s an open-source CMS

An open-source CMS is one the source code of which is publicly available. As a result, the code is open to everyone for modifications and enhancements. WordPress is also an open-source CMS that opens tons of opportunities for developers to work on this CMS. Indeed, you can hire the right WordPress developer to create something unique and beyond expectations.

Due to the open-source of this CMS, it is being updated with new functionalities and features with the support of a vast WordPress community. Downloading and using this CMS is hassle-free.

3. WordPress is utterly flexible

Another significant advantage of WordPress is that it is pretty flexible. Indeed, flexibility is an essential attribute of this CMS. Firstly, there are many website themes and plugins that you can choose from to customize your website. You can integrate a website theme for a custom appearance. Similarly, you can add a plugin to your site to get additional functionalities. If you can’t do things like adding a contact form, securing your site, doing SEO, or anything else, there is a plugin for that. Just add the desired plugin, and you are good to go.

There are lots of themes, and you can select one that fits your needs and matches your business objectives. Alternatively, you can choose a reliable WordPress development company to create a tailor-made website theme from scratch. Either way, you have the flexibility to choose your method to create an engaging website. 

4. User-friendly CMS

WordPress is a very friendly CMS, especially if you are not tech-savvy. Indeed, you can do many things without an experts’ intervention. The user interface of the CMS is well planned, and managing your website is a breeze. There are lots of tools and features on WordPress that allow you to enhance the functionalities of your website. The simple admin interface allows you to add new pages easily, create posts, add media to content, and more.

Creating a new page or a new post is never a hassle with WordPress. Moreover, you can choose an option like PSD to WordPress conversion to transform your unique ideas into reality. A professional developer can help you to build a peerless website.

5. Updates are easy

Updating your website and CMS when new updates are available is crucial to keep your website secure and to run smoother. You can update the WordPress CMS easily from the admin interface. You get notifications when new updates are available. There is no complex process of updating your CMS, and it is as easy as clicking a button. You can simply open the admin dashboard and find the update, then click it to get a fresh version of the CMS.

Besides the CMS updates, often new updates also come for plugins and themes you are using on your site. Updating them is also easy and takes a few mouse clicks. Just like the CMS itself, you can update themes or plugins from the admin interface by selecting the appropriate theme or plugin.

6. Search engine loves WordPress websites

Yes, you read right! WordPress is a CMS that lets you create completely SEO-friendly websites. WordPress has excellent code, is well-structured, and complies with the search engines’ feasibility. Indeed, the search engine spiders can crawl WordPress websites conveniently because they have well-written code. Moreover, the CMS also provides various tools and features to optimize websites further to improve search engine ranking.

For example, you can utilize Yoast SEO to create well-optimized content and increase the chances of higher ranking. Similarly, there are numerous features and tools that you can use to boost the search engine ranking of your site. Moreover, you choose the right WordPress development service to create a custom theme with SEO in mind.

Wrapping up!

WordPress is an excellent CMS to build websites for various purposes: blogs, business sites, eCommerce, or more. To create a perfect website, all you need is to hire a dedicated WordPress developer with professional skills. If you outsource custom WordPress development, the developer can help you create a website that fulfills all your requirements. There are lots of options and benefits that you get by choosing WP for website development. WordPress is not only a flexible CMS, but it also provides features to create and manage websites conveniently. Indeed, you can create an SEO-friendly, responsive, and secure website using this platform. It allows integration of custom functionalities by using plugins or starting afresh. Hence, this CMS is a good choice for creating business websites. And, it can provide numerous benefits when using it for your website.

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