Why Even a Startup Needs an Office

Startup Office

When heading up a startup company, it’s natural to assume that you’ll save huge amounts of money on overhead by not bothering renting your own office space. This is actually quite accurate and astute, and a good way to relieve the initial financial burden of starting a new business.

On the other hand startup office space can help you establish your name and brand as more credible, and better attract clients with an assurance of professionalism. The good news is that you can get around the financial risk problem by renting coworking space and flexible office space that can grow or contract with your business. If you are living in a city like Dallas, which has the largest inland metropolitan area in the US and is home to many industry giants, It has a whole bunch of office spaces and innovative office solutions to choose from. Dallas actively supports attracting and maintaining new business with their tax financing and public improvement initiatives that’s why Dallas office space for rent is the right one to consider. But why bother at all when you could just run your startup from the kitchen table?

Here are some of the best reasons even a tiny startup needs an office:

Reason 1: The Professional Edge

Having both an office in which to work and welcome clients, and an address to share publicly and at which to receive mail are all the trappings of what anyone would describe as a professional company. Sure, starting at your kitchen table is a great way to save money, and it’s still a safe address at which you could welcome visiting clients, have team members over for meetings and group work, and so on. However, does it really send out the right message?

When it’s important to look professional, then you have to show you’re a serious company that’s willing to invest in a dedicated workspace that works for all stakeholders. Your home works for you, but when you’re anything but a one-man band, you have to start thinking of others inside and outside the company, too.

Reason 2: Teamwork

A proper office with collaboration space, meeting rooms, access to nearby lunch spots and more is the ideal place to get together and work on projects. When things need to get done, it suits everyone’s interests better to do those things at a proper office. It’s a more productive environment with a kind of professional energy that the team responds to.

Furthermore, the office is a shared and common space that feels more like it belongs to everyone. If you bring team members round to your house, everything feels that much more awkward and off-kilter.

Reason 3: Talent Searching

When you are looking for talented and ambitious people to join your team, and you are competing with countless other companies and businesses, how attractive do you think your kitchen table is compared to an air-conditioned office space in a prestigious downtown location, surrounded by daily networking opportunities?

To attract the top people, you have to create an appealing work situation. That starts with a great office space.

Reason 4: Distraction-Free

It’s no myth that the home is a more distracting place than the office. Working from home may feel convenient, but the pull of the television, games console, sofa and other places where you could “take a quick break” can be too much for some.

Even when you are singularly focused, home is a place where others typically live, too. That means noisy kids with questions and complaints, and relatives, friends, and neighbours all popping in and out all the time. You can do without that kind of distraction.

Reason 5: It’s Not Wasted Money When Used Well

Finally, as we touched on in the introduction, there is no need to spend inordinate amounts of money on a fixed office space that you’ll have to grow into. You can invest wisely in flexible coworking spaces that give you all of the benefits you need from an office with only a tiny fraction of the work it takes to keep it all going. The money you invest in a proper base will also repay itself in better client relationships, a stronger team, and a productive environment.

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