Why a Crane Weigher Is Essential for Heavy Industries?

Crane Weigher

In heavy industries, weight measurement of the raw materials is an indispensable task. A crane weigher measures the weight of the heavy loads during lifting through a single crane or multiple cranes. The assessment of the weight of the heavy object during lifting is crucial due to two main reasons- a) we can get important information about the raw materials’ tension, weight, etc., b) load measurement helps to secure infrastructure and personnel against overloads. In this article, we will classify the crane weighers into two different categories based on the number of cranes and explain why a crane weigher is essential for heavy industries.

Categorizing Crane Weighers:

Crane weighers can be categorized into two groups depending on the number of cranes, such as-

1. Single Point Load Monitoring System:

In a single point load monitoring system, the crane weigher involves a single crane and below the crane’s hook, there is a measuring system to measure the weight of the loads. This type of crane weigher is useful for general weighing during the lifting of a material by the crane.

2. Multi-Point Load Monitoring System:

For the weight measurement of the heavy objects, we need multiple cranes to elevate the objects. For this reason, we require multi-point load monitoring systems for heavy objects. This measuring system involves multiple load cells for maintaining the harmony in the system and complex multi-cranes for managing the elevation. There is also advanced software in this measuring system to display the measurements. With the help of a real-time load map, one can also measure the weights effectively and assess the individual weighing stations.

Why a Crane Weigher Is Essential for Heavy Industries?

Besides general weighing, a crane weigher is useful for numerous applications in heavy industries. Especially, multi-point load monitoring systems have some major usages, such as-

Stock Management and Advanced Logistics:

Multi-point load monitoring systems are useful in the manufacturing industries to supply crucial materials, manage the resource in various sites, and transport raw materials from the storage. For minimizing the manufacturing costs by eliminating poor schedules of transportation, slack time, and spoilage, these measuring systems play a crucial role.

Heavy-Complex Elevation:

Load monitoring is important in the case of elevating a heavy item using various hanging points. This is due to the fact that the distribution of total load across every point is important depending on every point’s ability to bear the load. This load distribution is essential to ensure safety during complex elevation. The measurement of the actual load at each point helps the industry to protect its infrastructure and personnel against the damage from overloads.

Safe Stage Rigging:

In order to concoct the stages of live events, concerts, and other complex rigging structures, multi-load monitoring systems are necessary. Manufacturing of the structures of live events involves multiple hoists for elevating a single truss with various attached equipment. Effective load distribution across the single truss is crucial for safeguarding the performers and audiences from accidents.

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