What is Government E MARKETPLACE?



A government E-marketplace is a place where government registered buyers can buy goods and services online from the seller. If you want to sell your products to the government offices or government ministries then you have to register under the Government E-Marketplace. This article talks about the Government E-Marketplace, its registration, and its benefits.

What is Government E-Marketplace?

Government E-Marketplace is a platform where the seller can sell their products online on the portal and this E-Marketplace facilitate procurement of goods and services by various Ministries and Agencies of the Government. Its main aim is to create transparency during the procurement of goods and services by the government agencies. It will eliminate the corruption and this platform gives an opportunity to the seller so they can sell their products directly to the government agencies and there will be transparency on the portal.

What are the Benefits of Government E-Marketplace?

  • Transparency and Efficiency- It is a completely online process so it will be transparent and it will work more efficient because there is no requirement of papers, buyers can buy the products directly online and a seller has to deliver products when they receive order online so it will save the time.
  • Open and Dynamic Marketplace- It is an online market so it is open for buyers, they can see goods and services available to them, they can compare the products and prices and they can also check the reviews of the goods and services, and there are many options available to buyers so a buyer can easily compare the price and products and makes good decision. It is good for sellers also because this will give an idea about the price to the seller.
  • Direct Access- This E-Marketplace is the best platform for the seller because they can easily reach to the Government agencies and government ministries. Earlier it was difficult for the sellers to sell their products to the government offices, now it becomes easy for a seller, they can easily list their products online platform and buyers can give their order. So there will be minimum marketing efforts needed by the seller.
  • Secure and Safe- Government E-Marketplace is a safe place where buyers and sellers can deal, and payment gateway is also secure and after registration seller has many rights under the Rules and Regulation of E-Marketplace. Payment will be done within the prescribed time.
  • Wide Range of Products-There are many types of products range is available in the E Market so it is a benefit for seller he can list many types of products and service on the online portal.

How to sell

  • Original Equipment Manufacturers can sell their products directly to the online portal or they can authorize the seller for selling their products, so authorized person can sell their products on the E-marketplace. If you are having dealership of the Original Equipment Manufacturer then you can become a registered seller on the E-Marketplace.
  • Seller has to register with the E-Marketplace, without registration seller cannot sell their products. A process of Registration is online, you have to visit the official website of Government of E-Marketplace that is https://mkp.gem.gov.in/registration/signup#!/seller
  • You can sign up as a seller on the above-given web link, where you have to fill your Aadhar number and mobile number which is linked with Aadhar.
  • After registration, you can list your products on the E-Marketplace. Once you get your order you have to deliver at the buyers address.
  • After a successful delivery, a buyer will check the product, after verification, he will pay his bill.

Udyog Aadhar

You should Register with Udyog Aadhar Registration also because it is very important for Micro, Small and Medium Enterprises, Udyog Aadhar will help you in many ways. It is issued by the Ministry of Micro, Small and Medium Enterprises. Udyog Aadhar is 12 Digit Unique numbers which is allotted to the business entity; you can take many benefits from the Udyog Aadhar. Udyog Aadhar will help you to get a loan on the low-interest rate from the bank and it will help you to get a subsidy from the government schemes. So if you want to sell your products on E-Marketplace then you should register your business with Udyog Aadhar so it will help you to get a deduction from the tax laws.

GST Return Filing

GST Return Filing is an important part of any business, as it is mandatory by the GST laws. You have to file your GST return in prescribed time, in case of failure of GST Return you may have to face legal consequences. GST registration is mandatory for those whose turnover is more than 20 lakh rupees and in some states, you have to do your registration if turnover is more than 10 lakh rupees, in the failure of Registration you have to pay a huge fine or you may have to face imprisonment. If you want to register your business then you have to visit the official website of GST registration that is https://reg.gst.gov.in/registration/. On this given link you can register your business with GST. After Registration you will get your GSTIN (GST Identification number), you have to mention GSTIN on your invoice.


If you are thinking of selling products on Government E-Marketplace then you should register with E-Marketplace then you can list your products on the website. It is a good opportunity for the seller to sell their products to the government agencies and it is a transparent and efficient process. You should register with GST so you can mention you GST number on your Invoice and you should also register your business with Udyog Aadhar so you will get benefits from the government schemes.

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