What can Your Business Do to Have a Great Trade Show?

Trade Show

So, you want to attend a trade show. What can you do make it successful? In this article, we’ll talk about the things you can do to ensure your show’s success. Read on!

Choose the Right Shows

Before attending a trade show, check other events. There might be a more suitable trade show you can sign up for as an exhibitor. Have your marketing and sales team study attendees and exhibitor lists. This information will help you find the right trade show to be at for maximum success.

Create an Outstanding Booth

When creating a trade show booth, focus on ambiance and messaging. To catch the most attention, your booth must inviting and interesting. You may utilize various equipment to ensure your booth stands out, such as:

And more. Make sure the space is also comfortable. Provide lounge areas and seats for visitors. You can use these areas as a place to interact with them.

In terms of messaging, the key is having a short but attention-grabbing headline. You and your team should be aligned on how to deliver this messaging consistently and cohesively.

Set Goals and Incentives

Speaking of team alignment, all booth staff should know the trade show goals. Give updates regularly — everyone should know each other’s progress throughout the trade show.

To inspire the booth staff to work harder, provide incentives for every lead they get. This is effective for keeping the momentum and energy going, especially if you set a specific target.

Use Social Media Properly

Social media is a must-use channel to promote your booth before, during, and after the trade show. Use it to create a buzz a week or two before event. Invite your followers to visit your booth — provide the specific time, date, and location of your booth, and encourage them to attend using raffles, promotional materials, and giveaways.

During the trade show, use social media to update everyone on the show’s status. Post interesting pictures at the event, such as photos of loyal customers visiting you. This helps customers who aren’t sure yet whether to visit to finally check you out. Post videos of partners who want to promote their businesses.

Check In On Your Team Regularly

During the event, a lot of things can go wrong. It’s best to regularly check in on your team to know what’s going right and what could be improved as the event goes on. This helps you be one step ahead of any problem.

Document everything. List down the things that seem to be effective in attracting visitors to your booth, and note what you might want to improve at the next trade show.

By the end of the trade show, meet with your team and confirm your notes. Make sure all leads collected are uploaded to your CRM. This will give you quantifiable metrics in terms of booth traffic and potential opportunities. Use this historical data to plan for the next big event.

Follow Up with Leads

Effective follow-up can include phone calls, emails, personalized letters, or snail mail. Regardless of the method, following up with leads within 48 hours of the event is crucial to ensure you keep their interest. It also shows that you pay attention to your loyal customers. This becomes extra effective if your staff knows how to qualify leads as they come. Have them take good notes on the leads; this way, it’s easier to know who you’re reaching out to and what you can offer them. Remember — trade shows are all about making authentic connections.

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