US Top Mobile Banking Apps in 2020

Mobile Banking Apps

The world is looking for easier options of just about everything included in their daily lives and that is just what technological innovation is prospering to do. We all want everything on our fingertips especially millennials who most dislike waiting in long ques for accessing the bank and paying their bills. Well, mobile banking has cut out this burden.

Through mobile banking, you can do so much all at once without any waiting time. Initially, mobile banking apps would only offer you to check your balance but now you can do seamless bank transfers, locate your nearest ATM and pay bills. A lot of banks in America are taking the help of app development services to launch their apps for customer convenience.

There are many mobile banking apps but we have listed below some of the 2020’s top ones:

Bank of America (iOS and Android)

Bank of America is the largest and most trusted bank in America with over 16,000 ATMs across the USA. It has the most basic to high convenience service options to choose from. You can make secure financial transactions around all US accounts as the most highlighted feature of this app is guaranteed security. You can send and receive funds safely using your mobile number or email address. If any suspicious transaction is found, the app will send you an instant notification so you can decline or verify it.

You can see reviews of your activities and balance, set and edit travel notices for the eligible apps, activate and replace your debit and credit card and request copies of your cheque.

Capital One (iOS and Android)

Capital One is a name that is top of mind in the US in terms of online banking. This company is one of the first banks which ventured itself in a fully online approach and model and now is the highest-rated mobile banking app for its options and customer satisfaction. This app is a great option for those individuals who are interested in an online bank because of its incredible pricing but are not willing to give up a large ATM network across America and hence this app offers saving accounts of high-yields with a fairly competitive APY.

You can easily avail savings and checking account options, certain types of loans and CDs. You can use your accumulated reward points to pay yourself back with statement credits and in case you can’t find your credit card, you can immediately lock access to it through the mobile app.


Chime is simply what the actual mobile banking app users look for. It is a banking solution holy grail for the millennials wholly built with a millennial approach. This is a one banking system that is integrated with modern technologies to allow users to get live views of their balances and quickly access payment executions.

Along with offering the best user experience than other banking apps, it also provides the facility to substitute your debit card to access funds through over 30,000 free of cost ATMs which is in the National MoneyPass network. You can set up and receive daily balance and transaction alerts. It also allows access through fingerprint for better security.

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