Turning Shatter Into E-Liquid


Turning shatter to vapor is a very simple process but can be challenging if you don’t have the know-how. That is why we are here.

Since this process involves a series of chemicals, one needs to find a reliable supplier of shatter and e-liquid-mixture just for your safety.

Equally, take time in the preparation lest the plan goes wrong, and you waste your resources and regret the day you got your bucks out of the pocket.

For self-starters, this can be an exciting expedition since one gets to prepare what she consumed, unlike rushing for custom filled vape pens and cartridges.

What is E-Liquid?

E-Liquid is a type of electronic cigarette that contains tobacco concentrates alongside other additives and flavors. It is normally a smart way of smoking tobacco, unlike traditional cigarettes that appear crude and ugly.

E-liquid, otherwise known as E-cig, has evolved through ages to reach the current state, whereby we have serial brands across America and the world. The best tobacco ejuice flavor, like verdict vapors, must also be the finest e-liquid for tobacco inhaling.

It is made from a series of ingredients, with tobacco as the main one.

These ingredients are;

  • Flavor
  • Nicotine
  • Propylene glycol
  • Vegetable glycerin.

The FDA lists e-liquid as a tobacco product, just like the rest. What makes it different is the direct content that secludes tobacco leaves.

Propylene glycol is a basic component that is used in human day to day life. If you love paying, I guess you have come across a smoke like a cloud in the club. That is the rawest form of propylene glycol. It is also used in the production of basic domestic products.

Why do I state all this?

The name of this component sounds real crude and more like a laboratory chemical.

To preempt this and assure starters of their safety, propylene glycol is just safe for your e-juice.

This can be an interesting process since you get to choose from a series of flavors to use in the process.

There are also a dozen and one measurement of nicotine packs according to the level of consumption a smoker does. It all varies from starters to heavy weight smokers.

There are two major ways of converting shatter into E-liquid, as listed below.

One needs to handle this process carefully lest you mess up the whole thing or end up sustaining burns.

1. Use of a wax liquidizer

This is simple.

You only need to add a wax liquidizer onto the shatter. Put the mixture into a transparent glass, put it in a microwave and heat it for 10 seconds 

After this, you draw the vape onto a syringe and put it into your cartridge, ready for consumption.

This is the simplest and fastest form.


  • A syringe
  • A small glass
  • Microwave
  • Cambridge
  • Shatter (wax liquidizer)
  • Vape pen

2. Use of a hot water bath

This process is a little bit lengthy.

One needs an 80 * water bath to turn 1 gram shatter into liquid (vapor).

The reason why it is heated on a water bath is to vaporize the shatter.

After this, one adds the wax liquidizer to desired flavors and nicotine potions into the glass jar and leaves them to blend for like 10 minutes before drawing it onto a syringe to load your cartridge, and all is well.

Alternatively, Ej mixture can be obtained from outlets and added directly to vaporize shatter.


  • Hot water bath
  • Ej-mixer
  • A dab tool
  • A small glass.


Due to the use of flavors and polypropylene ingredients as vegetable oil, e-liquid does not necessarily have an experience like that of cigarettes.

The high and head rush remains constant. Tobacco extracts are normally done pharmaceutically; hence the composition is certain.

Nicotine amounts between 8 – 10 % of the total blend, while vegetable ingredients, and flavor takes the rest.

All the other ingredients are typically food-grade substances hence purely consumable.

This article answers the questions of those who want to know how the industrial process of how to turn to shatter into liquid takes place.

Finally, many people ask whether E-liquid is harmful.

The answer is No.

E-liquid is made from little tobacco and healthy food additives. E-liquid can be used to help gradually keep traditional cigarette smokers off it. check “ terpenes for sale“.

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