Top Reasons Why Identity Verification Matters for Mobile Networks

Mobile Networks

In today’s world, almost four billion people own a mobile gadget. Everyone has grown dependent on their device to do daily things like online shopping, gaming, e-banking, chatting, emailing, and more. The only caveat is hackers and fraudsters abound, attempting to access valuable information.

Mobile Network Operators have beefed up their security with innovative service like Data Zoo that offers solutions on how to verify customers’ identities. At the same time, they paved the way for the creation of unique digital identities so that clients can access network services with confidence. The following reasons illustrate why identity verification is a crucial component for those who operate and use mobile networks.

Helps Improve Customer Experience

With automatic identity verification, the customer experience is simplified, so there is not much time wasted. The digitalisation of capturing data makes enrollment an easy process. More importantly, they verify if the customers are indeed who they say they are. This service gives carriers the power to streamline workflow. Everything is now digital, so there is no more manual entry which has a significant margin of error. At the same time, there are also lessened paperwork which takes days to process. As a result, customers receive a much better experience.

Ensures that Customers Receive a Consistent Experience

Identity verification paves the way for a consistent customer experience that allows them to integrate across all channels with ease. Whether it is the in-store deployment or online processing, there are automated tools that make validating a customers identity documents a lot easier. In fact, this verification process can be done in a matter of seconds. Document capture is easy, thanks to technology. For instance, biometrics solutions and facial recognition are both accurate, so instant access to services can be availed immediately, instead of waiting for several months.

Less Prone to Error

One thing faulty about traditional ID verification methods is that it is subject to manual errors. When this happens, the client becomes frustrated. This is the last thing any business wants cause annoyed consumers will take their business elsewhere. With a digital ID verification solution like Data Zoo, there are automated and systematic approaches that companies can rely on. These days, data can be readily extracted by just merely tapping an ID on a machine. From there, all the pertinent information is encoded in the system. Since this is computerised, everyone can rest easy that there is accurate customer information.

Mitigates Fraud

With the advent of real-time ID verification, fraud is minimised. Fraudulent activities can be stopped before they even start. Real-time verification establishes the real identity of individuals as they log on. This process makes it very difficult for conmen to abuse the service because they are not allowed any access. Creating a two factor level of authentication with something like fingerprint biometrics and facial recognition offers the assurance that accounts cannot be easily hacked, and identities cannot readily be stolen.

Complies with Regulation

In some industries, identification verification is a requirement that’s mandated by the government. As a result, enterprises have to comply with the rules and regulations. All these security protocols are put in place to help deter terrorism, money laundering, and other crimes that rely on identities. In today’s digital world, almost a hundred countries make it mandatory to verify customers.

Final Word

Mobile networks rely on customer identification verification to boost their efficiency. On top of that, they also improve their many clients’ overall experience with the business. With this kind of system in place, new opportunities for growth also arise, which is essential if companies want to stay ahead of the competition. 

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