Top 10 social media marketing trends of 2020

social media marketing trends

Just two months to go and 2019 will also bid adieu to us. Just one more year and then a decade will be over. Have you realized? If not, this is the time you need to realize that over the decade we have witnessed several technological up-gradation, changes in digitalization trends and marketing policies. In this decade, we have witnessed the advent of social media. Connecting people from all around the world has become much easier with the emergence of Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.

Every day new marketing trends and promotional policies are coming up. In 2018, the usage of hashtags on Instagram and Facebook has increased remarkably. Apart from that, opportunities to open a business account in WhatsApp or Instagram have also helped the businessmen to market their product/service in a more organized way.

According to many marketing experts, the world is likely to witness significant changes and social media marketing will be at most of the marketing strategies. This post will help you understand the changing market trend of social media in 2020.

Before beginning with the guide to understanding the changing marketing strategies, you should know that social media users in the world in 2018-19 have increased up to 4.196 billion.  Here are 6 essential marketing trends of 2020 you must know if you aim to reach the zenith of success.

Trend1: Lifecycle Marketing

Previously, people used to market their products through a proper marketing funnel. At that time, it was assumed that customers always buy a product using the marketing funnel. Now, the recent trends say that marketing funnel is dead. Consumers now follow a non-linear pattern to buy a product. Whatever your product or service is, your primary goal of marketing is to build awareness about the product and increase customers’ leads and prospects.

Here are the ways to focus on increasing awareness: –

  • Increase brand awareness and brand health
  • Increase the number of conversion and new leads
  • To deliver an impeccable customer experience among all digital channels.
  • Increase positive sentiments among new products
  • Increase business revenue to ensure sustainable growth

Previously, digital marketing was the only medium to know about the product. However, with the changing marketing trends, customers can directly place the order and buy products from social media.

In 2020, a more practical way to plan to integrate online marketing activities is to consider a communicative point of view of the customers. This is referred to as lifecycle marketing which is a tool that you can use to recommend reviews of the products to the customers. This will help you keep your competition perfect. Therefore, you can channelize your product properly and also find out how the customers are relying on the reviews posted on social media.

Trend2: Conversational Marketing

Understanding customers’ needs and preferences are the most important thing in marketing. However, if you think that understanding their needs will remain the same after 6 months, precisely, you are wrong. With new products and services emerging in the market every day, the choices of the consumers are also dynamic. Therefore, in 2020, get ready to indulge in the conversational marketing process. The rapid consumer adoption of smart speakers, innovation in search query, processing, messaging, etc. will grow and witness a massive change in the coming year. Conversational marketing will also help the customers to place their trust in your brand. When you gain their trust, you never have to think about your promotion and sale.

Trend3: ‘Shoppable’ Posts

As social media allows you to boost your business, you can bring a good amount of customers from these digital platforms. Therefore, in 2020, new marketing trends will come up so that you do not only promote your posts but also make those ‘shoppable. This means customers can directly buy the products from social media or place their orders. You can get connected with them via messenger and confirm their order. The more you update shoppable posts, the more conversion rate will be assured to you. Fortunately, for entrepreneurs, these social media platforms made the smoothest path to reach customers. 

Trend4: Virtual & Augmented Reality Promotion

Both Virtual Reality (VR) and Augmented Reality (AR) are real game-changers in the field of digital marketing. In 2020, AR is expected to become more popular than VR. Already, many companies have been using AR for marketing. For example, IKEA has an app that allows visualizing how a piece of furniture would look like in their home if they are planning to buy one.

The next year will witness a significant role of AR and VR. You can promote your app via social media and ask the customers to directly install it. This is the best way to make your audience aware that you have an app that supports AR and VR technology. Nothing can be better than social media to convince your consumers to download and install the app.

Trend5: Social Media Tale of Stories

You may be not unaware of the fact that social media stories are one of the popular features of these platforms now. These are temporary posts that appear for 24 hours only. The stories are the best way to promote any offer or discount to the customers. If you think that you need a remarkable amount of customers for your Diwali or New Year offer, simply update your story with the offer and ask the consumers to visit your website. Social media platforms are all set to introduce more features to Facebook and Instagram stories. When this feature will get a boom, automatically more consumers will be attracted and as a result, more conversions and leads are ensured to you.

Trend6: Influencer Marketing

In 2017, the concept of influencer marketing came into being. Many of the expert marketers have agreed that this is indeed an effective way to connect new people and bring visitors. Influencer marketing, especially user-generated content, also improves website engagement. In 2020, it has been assumed that more brands will embrace influencer marketing. Celebrity endorsement is something that people will always look for. However, to find the right influencers followed by real people, not fake followers or bots, you need to understand how engaged and active their following is. This is especially true for Instagram, where many people used to boost their follower’s count by buying fake followers. So use tools, like this free engagement rate calculator to vet your influencers.

This trick is simply great for a marketing campaign. Social media is one of the best platforms to show how celebrities endorse a particular brand. Thus, consumers come back again and again and a credibility factor is also built.

Trend7: Live Streaming Expansion

The word live streaming is added in the dictionary of digital marketing for 2-3 years. It is now has become a mainstream of social media. The live stream can improve the engagement quality of a brand to a different level. It has been found that in 2019; almost 120 million social media users were engaged in live streaming. Marketers say that the number is likely to increase in 2020. Are you surprised?

Trend8: Facebook Spaces and its popularity

Many of you may not know that Facebook is working on a project known as Facebook Spaces. It allows friends to get connected in a VR space. It’s no surprise that Facebook is working on an outstanding technology which will turn out to be something out of the box. It also owns a VR hardware and software company known as Oculus. 2020 is likely to witness the emergence of Facebook Spaces. It can become a brilliant platform for social media marketing.

Trend9: Personalization will be IN

Customer relation retention will be much easier in 2020. The increasing popularity of personalization in social media can build and retain relationships better. With the help of personalized marketing, businessmen can enhance the convenience of the consumers. Customers can opt for buying a suitable product if they get personalized notification in their social media profile. The personalized marketing trend of 2020 will be more optimized so that it can provide more useful and relevant information to the customers. Now, it has become easier for entrepreneurs to gather valuable data related to consumers’ preferences and behavior. Based on such collected data, companies can send more personalized and engaging content to the consumers.

Trend10: Micro-Influencer will rise

In 2020, we are likely to witness the rise in the trend of micro-influencers. These are small entrepreneurs who market their product through small Instagram posts, tweets and stories on Facebook. Micro-influencers can help small brands to promote their products better at an affordable rate. As a result, many customers tend to get keener about the products. If this trend increases, social media will boom the small business to a different level altogether. These are the 9 game-changing social media marketing trends that we can witness in the coming year. If you want to rule the market with the best social media marketing strategy, include all these to your list and ensure a substantial customer base for your organization in a jiffy.

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