Tips to Improve Internet Safety and Security


The internet is a critical part of how we do things today. Anything and everything done in the current world has a hint of the internet in it. It has become such a crucial technology today that without it one cannot imagine how to conduct day-to-day tasks. The necessity of the internet has taken such significance that it’s at par with the importance of food and water. There are quite a few substantial reasons behind this gradual influence. First and foremost, the internet is the hub of all communications carried out today. Second, the internet is the major medium behind most personal and professional aspects of life. Third, it is the building block behind many revolutionary concepts including AI, Machine Learning, Blockchain, and Cryptocurrencies, which are heavily integrated into today’s society.

More and more people are opting for internet access of some sort. The growth of the internet was already consistent in the past but the pandemic has skyrocketed its pace. The main reason behind this is that major activities of the world, including education and work, are being carried out over the internet. Plus due to lockdowns and people not interacting physically with each other, it has opened another avenue of virtual communication through video conferencing. The concept of streaming and online gaming was already gaining momentum but the current situation has also given a major boost to this concept. So, in a way, it has already been established that no one can lead a successful life today without the internet.

Tips to Remain Secure on the Internet

The internet has evolved over the years. The same is the case with cybercriminals who have adopted sophisticated tools and techniques in order to carry out harmful activities. But with the advancement in cybercrimes, protective measures have also been evolved in order to remain safe and protected in this uncertain environment of the web. Now, there are many tools that users can adopt, which allow them to remain somewhat protected from the threats of the cyber-world. Here we are going to explain a few of these tips that a regular user can easily apply to remain protected:

Integrating Antiviruses and Firewalls

The most common tools to protect users against online threats are firewalls and antivirus software. Users can easily purchase these applications as over-the-shelf software or most internet providers also offer security suites with their internet packages. One such example is RCN internet, which brings a sophisticated security suite with every speed tier. Firewalls are mostly included with these security suites that monitor a user’s online activity and prevent any intrusion from an unauthorized user or malicious program. Moreover, antivirus also helps to clear out any harmful programs and files that are already present on the user’s device. Thus, a security suite provides all-around safety to users with a combination of antivirus and firewall.

Using VPN

Nothing is free in this world. The platforms that provide you free information and services usually come at a cost, and this is paid for by selling users’ personal information. A user’s activity is tracked and this information is sold to advertisers so that they can show you ads according to your preferences. A VPN is a program that allows users to maintain anonymity on the web as a VPN routes your connection through third-party servers, so you don’t have to directly interact with a certain web platform. This allows users to hide their personal information like device details, browsing history, and physical location from these websites. Plus VPNs are a great way to curb censorship and prevent hackers to intrude into a user’s device through online means.

Staying Vigilant

No matter how many tools you use to remain safe, nothing is going to protect you if you are not careful or vigilant while using the internet. All these tools do offer protection of some sort but they cannot counter human intelligence. So, in order to remain truly protected on the web, it is your own responsibility to avoid threats head-on by avoiding shady websites, pirating software, clicking on links and emails from unknown senders, and sharing your personal credentials with unauthorized personnel whether intentionally or unintentionally. Your security is in your own hands and the more careful you are while using the internet, the safer you’ll be.

Why the Internet is a Dangerous Place

As much as we love the internet due to its vast number of uses and infinite advantages that have ushered mankind into a new age of technological revolution, one thing cannot be ignored that the internet is a powerful tool that can be used for negative purposes as well. Since it holds immense influence over the masses, the internet can be considered as a dual-edged sword that has many benefits if utilized properly or can create havoc if used for malicious purposes.

The sad reality of today’s cyberspace is that there are many elements present on the web that are just there to exploit naïve users in order to get any kind of benefit from them. Since the world has transitioned to the web and most of our activities are carried out online, this has caused criminals to use the internet as means for their malicious activities.

We often see that financial frauds like credit card theft and online banking frauds are quite prevalent in our world. Things like identity thefts and leaks of sensitive data are observed on daily basis. Now, there are cases of online extortions and ransom also being observed in which hackers steal or lock users’ sensitive data and demand a certain amount in order to release it.

Malware and viruses were present before but their intensity has dramatically increased with the internet boom. Phishing and scam emails have become a norm today. These are just a few examples of the threats that regular users have to face daily while surfing the internet. That is why protection and preventive measures are necessary. Since the threats have evolved, so have the protective measures that can be taken in order to counter these malicious activities performed on the internet.


In these crucial times, it has become increasingly important for users to ensure their security on the web. For precisely this reason, we have created this list of handy tools and tips that any regular user can easily apply to remain protected in cyberspace.

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