Things You Need To Know Before Building A SaaS Application Startup

SaaS Application Startup

Since the inception of cloud computing in 1996, the term software as a service also coined up. The companies started proliferating the software platforms available over the internet and the SaaS industry exploded going from zero to 49 billion dollars by 2015. The growth chart further climbed 67 billion dollars in three years with the compound annual growth rate of 8% by SaaS development companies. If you also want to get the slice of pie there is no time better than this.

This article is for the guidance of unicorns initiating the SaaS business. Launching a SaaS Application Startup development business needs a lot of hard work and most of the entrepreneur thinks that taking the product out of the door is all they have to do. The approach of selling the product without giving concern to anything else leaves entrepreneurs disappointed. You started your SaaS business and looking to get a few signups every day. But the response is not enough to keep your project running. What is the reason behind?

Here are a few important things you should take care of before starting the SaaS application startup.

Automation of the onboarding process

Keeping the automated process onboarding is necessary irrespective of the simplicity of application. This makes easier for the people to use the product and convert them into the paying customer. The onboarding process must allow the user to Sign up and login Visit the welcome screen.

You can also give a product tour of top features. But keep in mind to not boggle up the customer with the plethora of pictures. Use plugins to offer the step-by-step guide for the application. An automated lifecycle email is also a good option for a custom software development company.

Ensure the quality of the product

To increase the target customer you must release the seamless version. This is possible only if the product is free from the bugs. Thoroughly, testing the SaaS application development product increases the credibility in the market.

The next thing you must follow is to share the product only with the sample. The sample must be similar to your customers and can give valuable feedback by mimicking real-world usage and refining the product.

Few entrepreneurs also build the Signup page for collecting the beta users. The beta users can later be used for the candid testing of the product.

Don’t charge your customer too early

The most common mistakes custom software development company make is to charge the customer early. Paying customers are always a reliable source for validating your product. But for this, you need to have a bank account and run around for formalities. The process can delay the launch.
The way is to launch the product as a beta version and offer it as free for a limited period.

Take the benefits of social media

Social media is a robust marketing medium of 3 billion users. Here are a few important aspects that you must take care of while using social media platforms to make it easier to decipher the demand of users. Facebook has a large market, and active users are the perfect medium to get your message expanded. Also creating a total page for sharing the latest news industry is a fruitful methodology. Moreover, some influencers also stay ready to interact with. The results of influencers are note good, still, the successful products are always shown on Twitter.

The social media platform allowed to promote startup in several ways such as publishing articles, sharing content and supporting the company’s information. The prospective client open user LinkedIn to check the SaaS Application Startup for development company profile.

Feedback mechanism must be strong

Whenever the product is launched by a software product development company, it is likely to contain several bugs. The healthy option is to create the mechanism of communication which enables a user to send the feedback and allow you to act upon it as quickly as possible. Once you make your digital presence every page must contain email id. You can also pin your social media tweets over the website page which attracts a user to send feedback over email id instead of posting over social media profile. Getting all the feedback in one place is truly important from a management point of view and taking action.

Never make a mistake to open the multiple communication channels because once you launch your software development company, you won’t be able to communicate everywhere all the time.

Increase awareness with a blog for SaaS application development

Adding a block to your marketing website is a great way to increase awareness and create the influential reputation of a startup. You can share your opinion and ideas through the blog to the wider audience network, obviously beyond your social media network boundaries and using SEO to promote your SaaS blog will generate a lot of awareness and purchase consideration.

The entrepreneur can also talk about the pain points beforehand and provide the solution using a blog. According to data, companies which communicate over blog are likely to generate 67% more leads. The blog is a gateway to the online community without being promotional. Also so you can share the blog over social media pages, forums, groups, syndication sites, and other online channels while enjoying the SEO benefits.

Reach target audience through email

Email marketing is a powerful way to reach out to the desired audience with the optimum level of personalization to the messages. For B2B businesses even marketing works very well. Before you launch a product you must create the email list through multiple sources and create the professional emails for your subscribers.

Start building your email list even before you launch your product. Let’s have an aim to collect email addresses with the help of multiple sources, without depending on just one traffic source. The email marketing platforms allow to manage the list of receivers and offer the plug-in for pining the email subscription form to the various website page and the Facebook business page. Sharing the content with subscribers build early awareness about your SaaS product even before its launch.

Adding the viral factor

An old marketing strategy to add the viral component also works well with software product Development Company. You can motivate your audience to get the early sign-ups.

Keep the performance check through analytics

Above are a few things you can do to launch a new SaaS product startup, but equally important is to maintain the performance. Google offers a free tool that helps to analyze the website traffic and assess user behavior. The free tools Google analytics is very easy to add with a piece of code to a website and the rest work is done by the tool itself. The tool also allows us to set the target tracking clicks and analyze how the user is interacting with the product. Another product is Google tag manager which is a task of marketers and developers by removing the piece of marketing code with no distraction to the developer.

The right set of metrics enables to improve the product and track the progress.

List out all the third-party tools:

For your products, you will be needing third-party tools that can help you be more productive.


For startups or software product Development Company it needs to be perused. You must aim to build a steady source of traffic. The key is to open the ways for a new visitor to keep coming. Executing the above tasks is not the one time task. This must be part of your core marketing strategy. Answer the entrepreneurs must think about how we can combine the multiple tasks into a single role. Starting the SaaS application startup is a formidable task, but the right knowledge of strategies beforehand can result in a popular product.

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