The Top 3 Things You Can Use Synthetic Urine For

Synthetic Urine

Synthetic urine is a chemical substance commonly referred to as fake pee. The substance is lab prepared to mimic the chemical composition of human urine. Many workplaces demand urine tests for their workers over time. You can use synthetic urine to serve as your urine in case you need it. Find more information about synthetic urine and how you can pass a drug test on its official website Here are the top three things that you can use fake urine for.

1) To Pass A Drug Test

Many states have already legalized medical Marijuana use. In places where the use of the drug is not legal, you can use the pee as your own to pass the test. Not all fake pee that you buy can help you cheat in a drug test. Quick Fix Synthetic can give you the results you adequately desire when you want the results to come out clean. To prepare the quick fix, you must start prepping before you leave the house. When you open the pack, you must heat the bottle to 98 degrees. If you do not have a microwave to warm the bottle, you can use the heating pad. You have to unwrap it then apply it on the side of the container. The heating pad takes about forty-five minutes to heat the urine. The hot urine will last up to eight hours at the right temperature.

2) Gardening

We use many things in our gardens. The number of agro-chemicals that one uses in the garden can be too expensive in the end. Fake pee can make it easy for your garden in one way. The pee is a great animal repellant. When you need animals to stay off your garden, a little pee will go a long way. You can use the fake pee to ward off animals. It is a better compromise as it is cheaper and less harmful to the animals. Rodents hate the smell of human pee. Sprinkling some fake pee in your garden keeps the rodents away from your plants. Though formulated in the lab, it is a good compromise when you want to keep your yard free from harmful chemicals.

3) Cleaning Agents Testing

When you are testing soap, you can use the fake urine for tests. Dip a cloth in the urine then wash it with the soap. The urine is a better compromise than the real urine. Fake pee is not as disgusting as real urine. If you make soap at home, you can use the urine to upgrade your cleaning agent. With the stains, you will be able to readjust the formula to formulate soaps that will be able to clean the stains regularly. The testing process is a critical stage in every soap making process. The fake pee has the chemical composition of human pee, which makes it an effective way to conduct your tests.

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  1. This is wonderful article about fake urine, i know the value of it while i was going for new job , and they asked for a test.

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