The Best Marketing Strategy for Promoting a Business on Social Networks

Promoting a Business on Social Networks

Social networks have long ceased to be tools for communication only, and have become full-fledged tools for business development. Moreover, most users expect a social presence from the brands they want to work with. The creators of social networks also realized that this is a gold mine, so all the popular social media platforms already have built-in opportunities for promoting the business. In other words, this is a win-win option, and what is more, social media promotion doesn’t cost a fortune if you are doing it strategically. In this article, we are going to share a step-by-step social media strategy for business.

Choose the Highest Priority Network

It is almost impossible to grow your business simultaneously on all social networks. And most likely, it does not even make sense. Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Linkedin, and Snapchat have fundamentally different target audiences, and of course, it does not make sense to target all users at once.

Therefore, you need to concentrate on one or two social media sites that will give the best return. The universal choice for almost all types of business is Facebook and Instagram. Facebook allows you to target users very accurately, and Instagram – to attract them thanks to the first visual impression.

Moreover, it is easy enough to develop your strategy on these two sites at the same time, but of course, you need to start with a thorough analysis of the target audience.

Prepare High-Quality Visuals

Regardless of which social network you choose as a priority, you definitely need to prepare high-quality visual materials. Especially if you work in the field of retail or e-commerce, and plan to concentrate on Instagram.

Therefore, do not save on high-quality photos (and videos) of your products, and also think over your style. Your profile should attract subscribers from the first glance, and for this, you need to stick to one style in all your publications.

Come up With the Ideas of What You Are Going to Write About

This is perhaps the most difficult part of the strategy. First, you need to make a publication plan that you are going to share with your subscribers. And here, unfortunately, there is no universal advice, except for one thing – you need to give them something that they really will be interested in.

In order to get the first insights, remember what questions about your product or service you most often hear. Start by helping your potential clients find answers to these questions directly on the social network.

Secondly, you need to create quality, interesting, and engaging publications on an ongoing basis. You can do it yourself, and by the way, this is almost the best option, because no one knows your business and your customers better than you. Or you can Writing Judge on a custom writing services reviews platform and outsource this task while being busy with your core competencies.

Use the Power of Video

Your social media marketing cannot be complete without the use of video. Today’s users are crazy about videos and expect brands to share interesting, useful, and engaging videos with them. Fortunately, all social media provide an opportunity for video promotion as well. Moreover, the list of ideas that you can implement using the video format is endless. Here are just a few of them.

  • You can shoot a product video and show how your product looks in reality, how it works in action, and how it fits different environments.
  • You can take a backstage video and show the work of your company from the inside.
  • You can create an explanatory video to visually visualize the idea of ​​your service or application for users.
  • You can create something funny, interesting, or engaging, for example, a brand cartoon.

There is only one universal rule: tell stories and share the quality videos. According to the study, users associate low-quality video content with a poor brand reputation – and vice versa.

Pick up the Most Relevant Hashtags

Social media hashtags work just like Google search keywords. These are the words and phrases that users will use to find you on a social network. Therefore, it is important to make a list of the most suitable hashtags.

You can use two methods – special applications, for example, Hashtagify, and brainstorming your own ideas. Moreover, note that hashtags, like keywords, can be both widely and rarely used. Use combinations of each type of hashtag to increase reach but at the same time attract the most interested users.

And also note that there is a list of hashtags that are prohibited for use. And this list is constantly updated.

Think About an Engagement Strategy

Your social network profile should be lively and engaging. Not many users want to be among the first subscribers or first commenters under the publication. Your profile needs dynamic development, so you need to think about an engagement strategy.

The best way that has long taken root in the vast social networks is through contests, marathons, and challenges. Users love to take part in such initiatives. In addition, you can come up with such conditions of the competition, which will be most beneficial to your business. Forexample,

  • you can ask users to register through your site so that they leave you an email address that you will use for email marketing
  • you can ask users to like the last ten posts in the profile to participate
  • you can unite with another business and hold a joint competition by simultaneously exchanging target audiences.
  • you can ask users to create a little piece of user-generated content – for example, shoot a video of unpacking goods or send their photos in your restaurant.

This list of ideas can be continued indefinitely – it all depends on the specifics of your business and your goal.

Launch a Test Advertising Campaign

As we said at the beginning of the article, the implementation of a marketing strategy in a social network should not cost too much, especially if you are just starting to develop your business. Advertising on social networks is not expensive, but effective if you do it right.

Start with a test campaign on Facebook, which can also be easily targeted to users on Instagram. Practice shows that video advertising works better than a static post. And by the way, a five-second clip will be enough to attract users, but not tire them.

Be sure to evaluate the results of the advertising campaign and test new ideas. There is no universal advice – every business is looking for its own approaches to users by trial and error.

Conclusion  – Stay Open to New Ideas

A social media strategy cannot be the same for all types of businesses. Each brand brings something personal and finds the most suitable ways to attract, engage, and interact with its audience. If you are lacking new ideas, watch what your competitors or even businesses from other niches are doing. However, do not copy their actions – come up with something new and interesting that is right for you!

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