15 Easy-to-Use Sales Prospecting Tools That’ll Simplify Your Day and Win You Extra Hours!

Sales Prospecting Tools

Easy to use tools that’ll simplify your daily work, find your prospects faster for you, improve your reply rates, and gain you valuable extra hours in a day!

Generating more sales for the business is the need of the hour for every marketer. And, bwhat’s the best way to generate more sales? Well, you guess that right! You need to find your targeted prospects, without losing valuable hours of your day.

And to help do that, there are sales prospecting tools.

What do these tools do?

Well, prospecting tools bring automation, giving you extra time that human behavior can’t imitate. These tools help you find your prospects faster and remove all those manual tasks for your sales reps.

Also, they can also increase revenue for your business. Removing non-sales generating activities such as data entry and other related manual tasks can boost your company’s revenue by almost 42.85%.

Here are top 15 sales prospecting tools that’ll simplify your day and help you get more in less time (with less stress):

1. AnyReach

Do you want to find everything that is hosted on a domain (your competitor’s site)? Well, if you do, try using AnyReach to find all email addresses of a domain.

How does AnyReach work?

You enter a URL (probably your competitor’s) and hit the “Submit” button, and within seconds, this sales prospect finding tool will start to crawl through the website and list all the email addresses (and phone numbers) associated with it.

And for small businesses, it’s like an answer to their prayers, because it’s limited to crawling only 50 pages per URL.

In addition to finding prospect’s email addresses, AnyReach can also find PDFs, documents, and spreadsheets hosted on that domain for you.

2. Headreach

Headreach is another handy tool to find your prospects either by their name, website, company or even by using their ‘advanced search’ feature to search your prospects by their job title (very useful for CEOs).

Once you have a list of prospects, hit the “find (prospect)’s email and social profiles,” and within seconds, they’ll all be inserted into your contacts.

Your searches are saved as a log file so that you can access them anytime later.

3. Elucify

Elucify is another useful sales prospecting tool (a crowdsourced database) for discovering your prospect’s contact information.

Just by opening an account with Elucify will give you instant access to over 200k company profiles and emails.

Joining Elucify is easy, too. Just make sure you have an email that is not associated with ‘standard email’ accounts, (such as “@yahoo.com,” “@gmail.com,” or “@hotmail.com,” etc.). Instead, use an email that is linked to your business domain (such as, “sales@yourdomain.com,”).

4. Yesware Templates

Don’t like to write an email? Want to use a template (copy paste content) from somewhere and send it to your prospect?

Yesware can help!

Installing Yesware is easy, too. You just need an account with Google or Outlook. If you already have an account, you can easily install Yesware there and start sending emails faster to your prospects.

With Yesware email writing templates,  you can also:

  • Make your message personal
  • Reduce the risk of making spelling and grammatical errors, as everything’s has already been typed for you.
  • And, easily and quickly use company-approved messages faster

5. VoilaNorbert

Do you want an email address of a particular person in an organization to whom you want to make a sale eventually? If you do, here’s the good news: there are plenty of hacks to find a single prospect to make a sale. But, Norbert makes it easy, painless, and much faster.

For bulk prospecting, however, Norbet is not a useful tool (and they have a limitation on the number of searches you can perform per day).

But for a ‘targeted outbound prospecting,’ Norbert might be just the right tool for you. The interface is simple, and you can find your prospect quickly – exactly what busy marketers need today.

6. Calendy

Calendy integrates with your calendar, and sends a quick notice of your availability to your prospect, and keeps track of any changes so that your prospect schedules for a meeting or a call at a still-available time.

7. FindThat.Email

There’s no other tool in the market currently that finds email by Ahrefs like FindThat.

Compared to other tools, FindThat is famous for having the highest delivery rate – displaying you over 90% of email addresses it searches for you.

It has a massive database of over 100+ million validated emails. With FindThat, you can save prospects to your list. To make everything easier, you can also plug a Chrome extension and find your prospects right from the comfort of your browser.

8. EmailHunter

Just like AnyReach, EmailHunter searches email addresses of your prospects for any given domain address, and list them all to you.

But unlike AnyReach, EmailHunter is much more reliable.

We highly recommended EmailHunter. If you want to grab lots of emails connected with any website address, you should try EmailHunter today.

9. GetProspect

GetProspect instantly generates leads for you and delivers their email addresses to you.

Install GetProspect Chrome plugin on your browser and start searching for leads on LinkedIn.

Once you find the leads that are most relevant to your business (products and services you offer), you can quickly save (import) them all in your GetProspect account – which will deliver all the email addresses of the prospect you choose.

10. LeadMine

LeadMine is the most accurate (95%) tool developed to help you find your prospects and grab their email addresses.

They also have a massive database with over 200+ million contacts. You can quickly and easily filter through these enormous lists of prospects by searching by title, location, industry, company, and more.

Signing up with LeadMine is free, and you get 10 free credits every month. If you want more, you can upgrade to their premium plan (starting from $49/mo) to get up to 500 credits per month.

11. CrystalKnows

Crystal allows you to communicate with your prospect, customer, and your coworkers efficiently based on their personality.

For example, the tool analyzes previous writing style of the recipient and then goes on to offer you hints (and suggest certain phrases) that resonate with their communication style. Pretty handy, tool, ain’t it?

12. CharlieApp

With CharlieApp, you’ll never have to spend more than 5 minutes finding your prospect.

CharlieApp automatically finds prospects you have a phone schedule or meeting with (it gathers this info by connecting to your Google Calendar).

And then it crawls through hundreds, if not thousands, of sources, including social media sites, and pulls out relevant information about the person and the company they’re working for.

13. ClaraLabs

ClaraLabs is an excellent prospect finding tool but comes with a price tag (starting from $99/mo).

If you hate the idea of going back and forth scheduling your appointment and wish someone could do all the legwork for you, send a quick email at ‘clara@yoururl.com.’

Clara will help you set up an appointment for you. She’ll also coordinate with others about the meeting so that everyone is available on a suitable date.Besides, she’ll also make sure that every mail you send her will be handled within 1 hour.

Definitely a pricey service compared to other tools listed here, but it’s definitely worth it if you consider the quality of service you’ll get from her.

14. FullContact

FullContact allows you to search for prospects without leaving your Gmail inbox. You can view their social profiles, photos, and know what their job titles are.

You’ll also be able to view the profile of the company they’re involved in.

If prospects are nearby, FullContact will also do all the legwork of setting up a calendar invite to schedule a meeting and adding tags and notes to contacts for you.

15. Close.io

They have an easy-to-use CRM that allows you to quickly and easily schedule your emails to be sent on a particular date later as well.

They offer a 14-day trial (free) and within minutes you can send unlimited emails, and calls. (You don’t need to submit your credit card information, and if you don’t want to keep using their service, the trial will automatically end after 14 days).

Well, that’s all for now. We highly suggest that you try any one of these sales prospecting tools today, and if you think we’ve missed, please feel free to share in the comment section below.

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