Rhinoplasty in Bangalore: A positive Transportation from Bald to Bold

Rhinoplasty in Bangalore

The human body is a beautiful machine, a machine which has emotions and can feel things. The five senses of a human body perfectly co-exist each other. Each has its perceptible features and functions among, which nose which magnifies one’s ability to smell is positioned between the eyes, which is the threshold to the respiratory tract. It ensures air for respiration process, the sense of smell, acclimatizes the air by filtering, warming, and moistening it, and cleansing of foreign debris extracted during inhalations. Rhinoplasty, in the common jargon known as a nose job, is a kind of plastic surgery of the nose which involves altering and reconstructing of the nose.

One of the public services of Rhinoplasty in Bangalore, India is by DR. Chytra V Anand / Dr Fix It, an eminent Cosmetic Dermatologist. She is knowledgeable enough to treat all skin type problems, which makes her a prowess in this field. Her pièce de résistance is that she has trained over 2000 in Aesthetic Medicine procedures. Several of her blogs have been published in Femina, DNA, TOI, Deccan Chronicle, Stay Fit, Marie Claire, Vogue, Harper’s Bazaar, Prevention, Prajavani and many more. Another attraction is that she has performed the highest number of filler injections and Botox in South India.  

Primarily there are two segments of a nose job:

  • Reconstructive surgery – It gentrifies the shape and functionality of a nose.
  • Cosmetic surgery – Aspects of a nose are changed.

Rhinoplasty is performed in two ways:

  • Open Rhinoplasty – The surgery is performed on the extrinsic part of the nose by making incisions on the columella.
  • Closed Rhinoplasty – The surgery is performed by making incisions within the nostrils.

The process involved in getting a nose job:

  1. Physical testing of the nose is conducted by the surgeon to understand what needs to be fixed, which involves blood tests and other sample tests.
  2. At first, local anaesthesia which is a sedative, combination of lidocaine and epinephrine is given to the patient so that the area around the nose is numb. It ensures that the patient is asleep and cannot feel the pain during the operation; also, it reduces the bleeding during the surgery.
  3. The surgeon makes several incisions within and on the mantle of the nostrils as required. 
  4. Then, the reconstruction of the inner bone and cartilage is done to give a visually good appearance. Cartilage from the ear or the rib is often used. If still needed more one can get implants or bone grafts.
  5. The septum, a partition which separates the two-chamber of the noses, if it strays, it can be straightened, and the projections can be reduced to improve the breathing process.
  6. Lastly, the incisions are closed after doing necessary changes in the nasal skin, tissue and bone.

Reasons and scenarios where nose job seems to be the perfect fit:

  • A correctly structured nose builds confidence which is why most of the actor and actress focus on wanting to have a well-structured nose.
  • The results shake people suffering from breathing problems for a long haul or even cognitive breathing issues for choosing it.
  • If someone goes through an accident of any kind and hurts their nose, the nasal deformity can reduce one’s nose appearance and function and also will inflict severe pain. So, it’s recommended to get a nose job done. Like for people who are into boxing or wrestling.
  • Sinus is an infection where one will suffer from inflamed cavities around the passages. It causes severe headaches which can be solved with nose surgery.
  • Children may suffer from underdevelopment issues or nasal deformities since birth. In such scenarios, rhinoplasty has had a revitalizing impact.
  • People having snoring issues suffer from poor sleep quality which also is solved with a nose job.

Post Rhinoplasty surgery care:

  • Avoid strenuous physical activities.
  • Avoid swimming, excessive chewing.
  • Frequent Blowing of the nose can be hurtful.
  • A less facial movement like laughing or smiling, is suggested.
  • The gentle wearing of clothes is recommended.
  • Avoid wearing eyeglasses to prevent damage of nasal tissues.
  • Avoid aggressive brushing the teeths.

Rhinoplasty in Bangalore has more advantages and fewer risks for which most of the credit goes to the top rank surgeons who have made this possible for the people. Approximately 8.2 per cent of the total surgeries represent nose jobs. It is an expensive process, but sure worth it.

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