Reflective Essay Writing Guide: 6 Things You Need To Know

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Reflective essays are mostly a reflection of our life and can sometimes become very difficult to put down on paper. The more we reflect on ourselves the more aware we become. If there is any life that ever happened to you that has moved you even the slightest that that can become a potential topic for your reflective essay. In this guide, we focus on how and what to write in a reflective essay.

A reflective essay is a type of essay writing method which requires the writer or the author to inform its readers about his or her views, attitude, ideas on that particular topic. This also means that the writer needs to write about the impact on him or her regarding that particular topic, and how he or she has overcome the situation. Most reflective essays are written on personal affairs from which the writer or author has learned a meaningful lesson on life. The topics can be about someplace you have visited or your new pet dog. You can take a look at reviews on writing services by Top Writing Reviews.

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Comparison – reflective essay

While writing a reflective essay it is important to keep a few things in mind. The do’s and don’ts of writing a reflective essay are:


  • Writing should always be in the first person
  • Use of a formal tone throughout the essay
  • Have a clear view of what to be written systematically like; Introduction, Body, Conclusion
  • Make sure to keep an element or description of personal experience from your life or from your point of view.
  • Include your personal analysis and experience of the event you are writing about.


  • Write the essay in the third person.
  • Use an informal tone or a conversational town.
  • Write the essay like a normal diary entry without mentioning any main structure to it. Put in your thoughts and emotions.
  • Base your essay on data collected from all types of subjects and then finally compile it in an essay, focus on making it highly subjective in the account.
  • Include only an external view and description of the event, not mentioning any personal details.

6 Things you need to know – reflective essay

Writing a reflective essay can sometimes become intensely challenging. This is because basing the entire relative essay on your experience and yet writing it in a formal manner can become very difficult. To help with this problem there are a lot of frameworks available on the internet. We all know that not everything found on the internet is authentic. So here are 6 absolutely important and necessary points you need to know before you start writing a reflective essay. This is known as the Gibbs (1988) Reflection Cycle.

1. Description: Description is the first point you need to keep in mind. This means you need to think about the topic or event you are writing upon and then describe it, what happened and how it happened. You need to base this on your personal analysis and describe the event you wish to write on.

2. Feelings: Feelings are the next point you need to focus on. In this you need to write about your feelings before and after the event took place. You need to document what you felt during the event and after the event and how it affected you.

3. Evaluation: Evaluation is the third point you need to focus on. Now, this evaluation needs to be on the basis of your feelings. In this, you need to write about the good and bad aspects of the particular event and how it impacted your life. Also, focus on the experience of the bad and good aspects of your life and base your writing upon it.

4. Analysis: Analysis is the next point you need to keep in mind. Now, this analysis should be based on your point of view. In this, you need to write on what sense you could make of this situation.

5. Conclusion: Conclusion should depend on what you did and what you could have done differently to improve the final outcome of the event you are talking about. At this point, you also need to conclude the entire event in a jist and your alternative view on the final outcome.

6. Action plan: The action plan is the final stage of your reflective essay. In this, you need to write what you would do or how you would react if the same situation comes into your life again. You need to write about what you have learned and what you would do prior to the situation to have a better outcome this time.

Reflective essays are becoming very common these days and can help you analyze events with a better point of view.

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