Reasons Your Blog Has a High Bounce Rate, and How to Reduce It

High Bounce Rate

If you have a website and your site is getting too many bounce rates, then this must be a big headache for you. To rank your website higher, you need more and more traffic and engagement to your blog. So, why does bounce rate matters? A bounce rate is a number that appears in your Google Analytics account that represents the number of visitors who enter your site and then leave. Having a high bounce rate can be bad and here is how to reduce it.

Your Titles are vague and nondescript

Start your titles with action words and include keywords into your titles. To make sure you use the right titles, use Google AdWords to track the current search terms that your target audience is using. Track the trending keywords within your niche also, especially the keywords that bring significant traffic to your competitors.

Too Many Colors That Don’t Make Any Sense to ANYONE But YOU

The appropriate amount of colors you can use in your blog is two. Three is still acceptable, but make the third color subtle. Using a rainbow of colors in your blog can confuse and blind your visitors. Also, make use of color psychology by using strong colors like red in areas of your blog where you want your readers to do something, like post a comment.

No Call to Actions

Believe it or not, but most people on the internet actually want bloggers to tell them what to do. Although readers may find your blog interesting in the first place, but if your blog posts keep going on and on without giving any clear instruction on what you want your visitors to do, your visitors can easily lose interest. Give them something to do, like signing up for email subscription, downloading your free gift, etc.


Even though almost every random blogger on the internet is still doing it without apology, everybody knows that people hate pop-ups. Imagine admiring a set of jewelry in the store that you want to buy, and then an employee walks to you and waves a piece of paper in front of your face. It’s simply rude. Use pop-ups moderately, or get rid of them completely to keep from annoying your visitors.

Poor Design

Out in the real world, people naturally prefer to look at people who look beautiful. This applies to the internet also. People prefer to look at blogs that are beautiful. Check out the blogs that list the best mp3 music downloader apps for free songs downloads. The ones that are pleasant to look at are easier to remember than the ones that messed up their lists. Make your blog chic and gorgeous.

Navigation and Usability

Everything above won’t get you anywhere if your blog is hard to navigate and use. Make your menu appear on every page and always give your visitors a button to return to the previous page or the main page. Keep the arrangement of elements in your blog consistent to keep your visitors from getting lost.

Slow-to-Load Page

The evil side of a beautifully colorful blog with good design is containing pages that take too long to load. Use best practices from top blogs in making your blog faster to load while keeping it beautiful and cool. You can also use plugins to shrink the data of your blog without having to delete them or drastically rearrange them.

Wonky Google Analytics Setup

Sometimes, the problem isn’t your blog or you. Sometimes, it’s the fault of Google Analytics. Even though few, there are Google Analytics users who experienced unusual reports about their blogs. When Google Analytics isn’t set up properly on your blog, it can fail at capturing numerous views that your blog actually got. Visit the help page to fix this kind of problem.

Following these tips, it is possible to reduce the bounce rate and improve your website’s performance. However, it is always up to you to keep your blog healthy and interesting for your visitors to stick to your site.

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