Reasons why you should upgrade to an HD connection

HD connection

We work all day long only to come back home and retire into our sofa couches and beds. We need a little bit of relaxation to freshen up our minds. It gives us the energy to get up and work the next day. During this relaxation, watching TV plays an important role. We watch daily soaps, reality shows, browse through news channels and with the advent of video streaming apps, we often catch up on our favorite web series on TV.  However, a large chunk of the TV watching audience still prefers watching on Standard Definition. The primary reason for this is people’s prejudice regarding the quality remains the same irrespective of the upgrade from SD to HD. In that case, all we can say is that you haven’t tried out the real Tata Sky HD experience. You can get access to seamless HD quality TV on Tata Sky while ensuring you save maximum using the exciting Tata Sky Recharge Offers. If you are looking for reasons to upgrade into HD, this article will help you out. But before that, you must be aware of the HD connection. Let’s jump into facts-

When is the display called to be HD resolution?

HD or High Definition resolution refers to the range of 720p or 1080p resolution. In this frame, the resolution is much more refined than Standard resolution but less than that of a 4K image. 720p is considered to be the bottom level of resolution for HD. For differentiating purposes, it’s termed as HD ready resolution.

Reasons for upgrading

1. Improved color quality

One of the prominent advantages of switching to HD is the improvement in vivid colors. This brings in wider ranges of hues while you are watching your favorite TV show. For instance, this improvement will cause a drastic impact on the color of animals and grassland while you are watching your favorite nature documentary or a simple wildlife show. This improved color quality will also prevent backlight bleeding from edges which can be easily observed during SD resolution.

2. Wider angle for screen viewing

When you are watching in SD resolution, you cannot help but overlook the cutting of pictures at awkward spots. This occurs due to a 4:3 image ratio on SD. While when you are on HD, the screen ratio is around 16:9 which gives you a wider screen view as compared to SD.

3. Improvement in picture clarity and detailing

When you increase the resolution on your TV, you will experience better clarity and detail. It has been studied that HD resolution has 5 times the capability of a Standard Resolution. This brings out finer details that were missed out while watching on SD. For instance, now you can observe the color of the actor’s gleamy eyes or watch your cricketer wipe off sweat. However, it depends on the service provider you are going to choose for deploying HD service. For example, if you are going with Tata Sky, you will get the best HD experience at an affordable price and an unmatched customer care service.

4. Improves the experience while watching live events

Have you ever wondered what it would be like if you could watch your favorite football match live in the same manner as you watch on the TV? Because let’s face it, we are just there for the feel as we can’t watch clearly what’s happening on the field. Well, most of the live broadcasters use HD cameras which means you can watch live events in a way that you will feel you are present there. The only catch being you are at the comfort of your home on your couch and enjoying your favorite snack.

5. Inclusion of smart features

When you upgrade to HD, you get to enjoy special features. People love watching web-series today on Netflix, Amazon Prime, Ullu, voot, etc. When you upgrade to HD, your entire TV watching experience takes a new leap. You can even browse the web, watch YouTube videos in HD quality at the dispense of your TV. In today’s modern times, people prefer watching movies on demand and various web series rather than daily soaps. Tata Sky HD set-top box brings you a load of such features and you can also pause, play and rewind live television now.

6. Affordable prices

The biggest reason for not switching over HD connection is the price deal. Many people think that HD connections are expensive and not required. Well, you can avail of a Tata Sky HD set-top box for Rs.1499 and the monthly subscription plans start from as low as Rs.95 on the My 99 plan.


Today watching TV on HD connection has become more of a necessity than a luxury service. Watching HD channels gives a soothing feel to our eyes and there is a remarkable difference between the picture quality of SD and HD. However, your HD experience relies heavily on the type of service provider you choose. Tata Sky has been the forerunner in the DTH business and has always rolled out plans which are affordable and economical. You can choose a plan as low as Rs.95 that is the payable monthly basis from the My 99 plan and go as high as Rs.175 for the Ultra HD package that is payable monthly. Each package has three options for payment that are monthly, semi-annual and annual. You can also earn rewards up to Rs.200 on referring their service to your acquaintances. With that being said, Tata Sky HD is all set to revamp your TV watching experience. So, hurry up and call on their helpline now.

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