Personalized Learning: The key to remove the fear of Math

Personalized Learning

As we’ve progressed through the years we have seen advancements in all walks of life. Numbers grow and that increase requires an alternative approach to accommodate that increase.

When we talk about schools, classrooms to be specific we have seen them grow manifold. Initially, schools probably had 1 class for each grade that accommodates around 20 odd students. But looking at where things stand today, we have multiple classes for the same grade with over 40 students in each class.

While the classroom and the number of students have changed, why haven’t our teaching patterns changed?

For eons, we have approached education in the same manner. First set a syllabus, then break that down into chapters and finally make sure every student studies these chapters and scores a certain grade to move on to the next year where we once again follow the same system. We basically decided that all students of the same grade possess the same knowledge and should be taught the same courses in a manner that holds true for all.

But as we can see, that is now rapidly proving to be ineffective. So what is the answer to this problem? Is there a way out? Well of course! The answer is found in just one simple word, ‘Personalization’.

What is personalization?

Primarily, personalization is a teaching and learning format that addresses and focuses on the strengths and weaknesses of every individual present in the classroom. This is then followed by careful monitoring of their progress against preset standards that help ensure that every learner’s academic, emotional, and physical needs are understood and accommodated.

A personalized approach stresses the fact that not all children are the same. A one size fits all approach will no longer run as they all have individual needs that need to be addressed to make sure they make the progress they initially joined on to.

How can this be implemented?

Implementation comes with a lot of alterations in our current approach. We currently on a large scale have one set curriculum for an entire grade that is set to be followed by every student of that grade. This needs to be changed.

Every individual student must receive an IEP, .ie. Individualized Learning Plan. A learning plan that is carefully constructed to cater to the personal educational needs of everyone. A plan that highlights areas in which the student might need additional help when compared to his peers and also areas in which they excel and do not require repeated classes.

This IEP will be unique for every student and will stay with them as they make their way through every grade and should and must be altered at every step of the way, once again highlighting their areas of strength and weakness. 

What does a Personalized approach help achieve?

A personalized approach helps address that slack that has developed in our education system over the years. Kids will now via the personalized approach receive more attention and will be assessed on individual standards and not on generalized standards. This will help better track their progress. The progress that was otherwise just based on how the class as a whole performed. Now you will know how your kid fares as an individual when compared to what to where they were a grade/semester ago.

A personalized approach also helps boost motivation. When you see yourself progressing through the ranks and all of it can be backtracked to a starting point, it will for sure help with a child’s personal motivation. It proves as a driving factor and also weeds out the toxic competition. The only person the student is in competition with is themselves!

It also helps better one’s self-confidence. As a student sees personal progress they have solid proof that they are miles ahead of the point they initially started off at. And that without a doubt will boost one’s self-confidence!

Cuemath’s Personalized Approach

Cuemath since its dawn has emphasized that no two students are similar. So then why must we approach their education in a similar way?!

Before a student gets on board with Cuemath they take an assessment test. This assessment test helps us and our teachers better understand what the student is, where they come from, and more importantly how we can help them in the most effective way possible.

This assessment test brings out areas of concern that we must focus on to bring our students up to speed with what’s currently required or their age. It highlights slack in their basic knowledge of mathematics which is a very core based subject.

Once we tweak these areas of concern the child’s progress rate is limitless.

With a personalized curriculum for each of our students, we aim at all-round development. Kids soak up knowledge via multiple inputs. So we have audio and visually aided classes with teachers that are there every step of the way!

Our classes are based on this concept called Active Learning. Here the student is at the center while the teacher caters to their needs. The student drives the pace of the class at a level they’re comfortable at.

And how do we make sure this is implemented? We have a class size of not greater than 6 students. This helps our teachers pay equal attention to every student that becomes seemingly more impossible as the class size crosses 6 students.

Every online classroom is facilitated by a carefully selected, trained, and certified Cuemath Teacher who steps in to help your child when they face difficulty in understanding a particular topic or answering a specific question.

An unparalleled approach, Cuemath is a pioneer when it comes to personalized learning. Get on board and see the difference we can make!

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