PDFBear Online Converter: A Reliable Tool You can Depend On


If you’re one of the few individuals who’s dealing with a lot of difficulties in terms of converting documents, you’re in so much advantage today! The luck is on your side right now. You’re about to discover the secret of accomplishing tasks with just a few clicks. 

Finishing a job like converting documents with just a few steps is hard to believe. The tool we prepared for you can bring the unbelievable into reality; this converter is called PDFBear. Words aren’t enough to prove how fantastic this tool is; therefore, let’s use this moment to substantiate our claim by dropping a few facts. Here are some things you should know and how PDFBear can help you with your workload! 

Designed to Do Various Tasks

Don’t stick on tools that aren’t designed to do numerous tasks. It’s way beneficial if you secure something that’s made for different purposes; in this case, you will no longer waste a lot of money and energy finding a suitable tool.   

The PDFBear is a great boon to everyone because of its ability to convert all documents to any format. If your concern is about changing HTML to PDF, Word to PDF, Excel to PDF, PPT to PDF, JPG to PDF, PNG to PDF, or vice versa, then you need to grab this tool! 

Aside from that, you can delete, merge, split, and add page numbers to PDF to make it more organized to look at. Still full of doubts? Then let’s try adding page numbers to PDF as an example to end your suspicion. It’s not an arduous task; therefore, you have nothing to worry about. 

Firstly, you need to select a PDF file you want to add page numbers; but if you already prepared the document, just drop or drag it in the middle to start the process. Once the process begins, wait for it to be done. 

After that, select the part of the paper you want the page numbers to be seen. After selecting, hit the Number Pages and then download it to save the altered file to your device. You can also send the newly converted file via email or share the link with other people. It’s easy, right? It’s designed to do various tasks indeed! 

PDFBear Respects Everyone’s Privacy 

PDFBear is possessed by Megacloud Limited; it’s fully verified and safe to use. One excellent proof that they are safe is the respect they’ve shown to all of their customers. They protect everyone’s privacy by erasing all the traces done by their users from the time they started their transactions. All files that you’ve uploaded and processed will be wiped out from the PDFBear server after one hour. No other people can sneak in and steal your files.

Having a Premium Account Gives You Right to Access All of its Features 

Relying on free versions limits us from doing what we want; if we choose to subscribe to a specific tool, we will surely accomplish more tasks than usual. Don’t be afraid to lose money.  After all, the benefits you’ll acquire will be a lot more amazing compared to the free version. 

Once you become a PDFBear’s Pro member, you’ll enjoy extraordinary features that can’t be seen in other tools. What are these features? You’ll be given limitless tasks, you’re allowed to compress your documents, obtain big storage space for your supported files, advertisements will no longer occur, and many more! Have a premium account now to discover all of it. 

It’s Built for All

The truth is you can’t say negative things about the PDFBear because it is undeniably not just a mediocre tool; this is an online-based converter; therefore, you’re allowed to use it as long as your device is connected to the Internet. 

Aside from that, you can use Windows, Linux, or Mac, depending on what you have because it’s designed for all. Everything will run smoothly and perfectly with any device once you follow and execute the steps correctly. 

In A Nutshell

Stop relying on unsure converters out there, and start putting your money in reliable tools like the PDFBear online converter to make your investment more worth it. The document you need to convert will be done in no time with this PDFBear; therefore, try, register, and be a member now.

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