Online Marketing Strategies and Tools

Online Marketing Strategies

If you want your company to succeed in today’s competitive economy, you need some serious online marketing strategies. Reaching customers has become increasingly challenging, which is why marketing personnel often pursue many avenues to reach potential customers. These include social media, email marketing, content creation, and search engine optimization, for starters. If you want to make sure your marketing is effective, start with these basic strategies and tools compiled by SEO and marketing company, Coalition Technologies.

Get a Handle on Marketing Effectiveness

Online marketing strategies is a dynamic challenge for businesses. While many techniques lose effectiveness and become obsolete, you don’t need to completely ditch every strategy. Analyzing the effectiveness of techniques you’ve used is a great first step in getting a handle on your online marketing strategy. Google Analytics is useful for tracking the traffic your sites receive, and BuzzSumo can help you track the performance of content such as keywords and backlinks. Using these tracking programs, you’re able to plan the goals for your marketing campaign more effectively. As Joel Gross, the CEO at Coalition Technologies, puts it:

Analytics allows people to track goals for their website. Once the goals are established, SEO experts can compare goal conversion to a wide array of different metrics to find ways for the website to do what it was meant to do better.

Once you’ve established which tactics are most effective, you’ll know what you should continue and cease doing.

Collaboration Between Departments is Key

Whether you have a staff of four or 400, it’s important to get everyone on the same page to maintain a consistent image across all platforms. Successful marketing campaigns are a collaborative effort between designers, social media specialists, and webmasters, and staying in continuous contact is critical. Skype and Google Hangouts are popular, free messenger services that allow for communication via instant messaging, phone calls, or video conferencing through your computer. Once you have everyone communicating and sharing ideas, Google Drive is useful for sharing files that everyone in the company can view and work on, rather than sending emails back and forth.

Focus on Customer Needs, Not Company Needs

To be effective, online marketing strategies campaigns need to be designed with a customer-centric focus. The majority of online sales are driven via search engines. Research how your target customers are browsing for your products and implement effective keywords using Google Keyword Planner; this can help with understanding consumer behavior and creating content that is highly visible. It’s also important to know how your consumers are conducting searches. With more internet browsing being done via smartphones rather than traditional computers, you’re doing yourself a big disservice by not investing in a mobile site with apps that can be easily downloaded.

Use Social Media Strategically

Recently social media has exploded and taken hold of multiple aspects of our lives, including conducting business. Engaging with customers on platforms such as Facebook and Twitter is no longer optional if companies want to succeed. Followers want to feel connected with companies, but avoid overwhelming your customers by bombarding them with information. Instead, build a community and engage with the influencers – the customers most engaged with your brand – to help grow your brand recognition and online presence. One easy-to-use tool, Autosend, can aid your business by sending targeted email or text messages to customers based upon what they do while visiting your site.

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Social media management tools like HootSuite and Oktopost are also beneficial when navigating social media, as they can help oversee conversations between different platforms to avoid repetition.

Always Study the Latest Industry Trends

Always Study the Latest Industry Trends

Digital marketing techniques can go out of style fast. Don’t let yourself fall behind the trends, giving your competitors an edge. A large chunk of your online marketing strategies time needs to be spent researching the latest innovations and figuring out how to implement them. Thankfully, by using Google Alerts, you can stay informed about news related to your company. By telling Google which topics interest you, you’ll receive daily email updates on relevant news without making research a full-time job.

Review for Conciseness and Accuracy

While it may seem obvious, it’s still important to double-check all of your posts, emails, and other correspondence for conciseness and clarity. Stuffing in too many keywords or moving too far from your brand’s core message will cause your content to be flagged as spam by many search engines, preventing consumers from discovering your site. Lastly, avoid any misspellings or other errors. Not only do they make your company look unprofessional, but spam filters will likewise spot them and push your site’s ranking further down on search engine results.

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