Mobile App or Website? Reasons Why Apps are Better

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The Internet has advanced to a different level. It is possible to do many tasks through the internet, be it shopping, be it studying, be it entertainment, communication etc. Everything imagined today can be done through the internet. It is equally relevant for all walks of people. 

Many websites and apps today are available in the market to ensure the smooth functioning of the activities. Of late, there is a growing argument as to what is better between the apps and websites in terms of usability, customer experience, and other commercial purposes. 

Well, both websites and apps have their advantages if one has a deep pocket. But not everyone can afford to deploy both in their arsenal. 

But if one were to choose one between the two, apps will always stand out, considering the number of mobile users in the market which are far greater than the desktop users. Apps are better suited for mobiles than desktops. 

Therefore, apps are the best medium to attract customers and expand the business exponentially.  

Here are some reasons that I will back up my inclination towards apps with more facts, you will stand to have more clarity in deciding why apps are better. 


Mobile apps offer better customization as they allow the user to set up the preferences to suit their needs as soon as they get the app into the mobile. Apps keep the track of the user engagement with the app, they send the recommendations and updates to the users as per their needs. 

Apps also allow businesses to send a tailored notification to users based on their interest, usage behaviour and location. Customization offers users to use the app in the most optimum way. You can easily get your app launched with the help of drag and drop app builder. 

Sending the notification is easy

Mobile apps have an easier way to send the notification to users in a non-intrusive manner. As apps offer both the in-app notification and push notification to the app users to increase the engagement. It is the better medium to connect with the users. 

Studies reveal that the push notification has increased the click-through rate by 40 %.  There can not be a better method for businesses to target their audiences. 

Ability to work offline

Mobile apps can work without an internet connection. Well, users can not perform all the functions in the apps without an active internet connection, still, they can perform some tasks in the offline mode. Not all apps offer this feature to run it offline. But there are many which offer this feature to increase user engagement. 

Brand presence 

Companies spend millions on brand awareness and promotion to increase the visibility of their product. The best advantage of the app is that it can help in the brand awareness of the company.

Once a user downloads the app on his mobile, whether he uses it or not he is likely to look at it many times whenever he will scroll to the left and right. And he will be reminded of it again and again. 

Apps can work faster than websites

Apps work faster than websites thereby saving the time of the users while offering them more convenience at the same time. The reason apps work faster is because apps store the data in the mobile itself while websites store their data on the servers that slow down the speed a bit as websites take more time to retrieve the data. 

Leverage the device capabilities

Mobile apps can leverage the device capabilities to provide a better experience to the users. Mobile apps have access to the in-built features of mobile like GPS and location, camera and others. Mobile apps can use them automatically to provide them a more enhanced and more convenient response. 

Final words

Well if you can go for both apps and websites, then you must select both of them as you can target the maximum number of users. However, your budget is not so deep and apps would be better in any way. 

With the mobile apps, you can engage, communicate with your customers in a better way to get the customers loyalty. Because apps have better operational functionality, more features and personalization. It is coupled with more mobile users in the world.

Apps will be a way to go for you if chosen between the websites and apps. It is easy to launch your app with the drag and drop app builder.

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