macOS Monterey beta 6 is now available for developers

macOS Monterey

Apple is known for constantly innovating and upgrading its products. To stand out in an exceedingly competitive field, the Silicon Valley-based Corporation is continually redesigning existing ideas and products. The Apple online shop is the most recent project to receive a makeover.

The tech company has now moved onto macOS Monterey beta 6. The new software update is now available for download for developers.

macOS Monterey beta 6

For developers and public beta testers who have already enrolled, macOS Monterey beta 6 is now available through OTA. If you haven’t yet installed the beta, you can get it via Apple’s Developer page.

Users can expect a completely revamped Safari, a Shortcuts app for the Mac, Universal Control to work seamlessly across different Apple devices, a new Focus mode, Quick Notes, AirPlay to Mac, and more are among the new features and enhancements in macOS 12 Monterey. These updates will make tasks such as file switch much easier.

Apple made several significant modifications to the default Safari experience in the third beta, and in the fourth beta, it enabled Live Text on Intel Macs as well as a Universal Control fakeout. However, it is worth mentioning that the promised Universal Control feature hasn’t been completely present in the first five Monterey betas. However, after a rocky start with beta 4, beta 6 may finally give users the chance to try out the exciting new function.

We would highly recommend against downloading the beta version of macOS Monterey beta 6 since it still has bugs since it is an unpolished and unfinished product. It is better to test it out on a secondary Mac.

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