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It has been 2 years now since Kedar’s death. Khyati had gone back to teaching, a profession she had chosen to take a break from, after their daughter Nyra was born. But situations at home are different now. Khyati was now a single mother and she had no option but to take up a job to support herself. Fortunately, the principal of her previous school had welcomed her with open arms and Khyati was the class teacher of Grade 5 at Podar International School in Mumbai. She had gotten Nyra used to the daycare run by Mrs Pradhan, who lived in the building adjacent to the school. Every morning, Khyati got Nyra ready at the same time as she left for work and dropped her off at the daycare. Mrs. Pradhan later took Nyra to her playgroup and also picked her up after that ended. After coming back, Nyra used to eat lunch with some of the other kids in the daycare and then sleep. By the time she woke up in the evening, Khyati used to pick her up and bring her back home.

This was their routine every day, up until the pandemic struck. Everything closed down overnight, including schools. Khyati had to adjust to the new online school regime. With training on how to conduct online classes and making class plans for every chapter, Khyati’s life had turned upside down. It was extremely difficult to manage Nyra along with online schooling. Add to that, no maids or help and Nyra’s nursery online classes that had started. The school expected the parents to sit along with the kid during online school. These were surely testing times for Khyati.

Khyati had her hands full! Not only were her 5th graders taking up most of her time, what with online lessons and presentations and Google forms, the little time that was left went in Nyra’s worksheets, assignments, activities, and whatnot. Khyati hadn’t stepped out at all throughout the week. She just didn’t have the time to get out of the house even for a few minutes. The stocked-up groceries and vegetables were almost coming to an end. It was time to stock up again but how could she step out during online school timings?

LoveLocal came to Khyati’s rescue with a great choice of local retailers close to her house who could offer her everything – from groceries to vegetables to medicines to bakeries and what not. A single platform for all her daily essential requirements, Khyati didn’t have to worry any more. Khyati had to just browse on LoveLocal and get her online grocery shopping done in just a few clicks. Along with the free home delivery, Khyati could now also discover the neighbourhood deals and offers before ordering anything she wanted. The quality of the products and unmatched service was as good as her trusted local retailers.

LoveLocal was the best support that Khyati could have asked for, especially during the pandemic.

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