Limitations of JavaScript

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JavaScript is a lightweight dynamic computer programming language commonly used as a part of web pages, allowing client-side script to interact with the users and create dynamic pages. Here we will learn some limitations of JavaScript.

As JavaScript is a client side scripting language but we can not treat JavaScript as a fully programming language.

Being as a good programming language, the biggest Limitations of JavaScript is that this does not have a single parent body to strongly enforce implementation.

Different layout engines may render JavaScript differently and as a result in inconsistency in terms of interface and functionality.

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It lacks the following important features i.e. Limitations of JavaScript:

  • For security reason, JavaScript does not allow the reading or writing of files.
  • This doesn’t have any multiprocessor/multi threading capabilities.
  • As there is no support available, this cannot be used for networking applications.
  • Cannot access web pages hosted on a different domain.
  • Cannot access databases.
  • Depends a lot on the browser.
  • Inability to use local devices.
  • JavaScript can be disabled.
  • Not Search Engine Friendly.
  • JavaScript cannot protect your page source or images.

Though the HTML and JavaScript may seem very old, there is nothing inherently problematic about making a complex application with them.
The larger problems of web applications must deal with have to do with the nature of the world wide web(WWW) which is inconsistent of network communication and the statelessness of HTTP.

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