KnockoutJS MVVM Application Framework

Declarative Bindings

Now a days everyone use a single page application i.e. all necessary information are gathered into a single page and KnockoutJS is no exception of this which uses MVVM Application Framework.

This is a client side framework which very easily bind html to domain data with MVVM pattern.

MVVM is an architectural design pattern for implementing a software applications. It separates graphical interface from business logic.

View[Html+Css] <==Both way data binding==> ViewModel[JS] <==Manipulation Data==> Model[Data]

MVVM Application Framework:

It is a graphical user interface to represent data where you can bind html dom element to data model. Two way data binding are processed between View and ViewModel using data-bind concept i.e. when updates are done at the same time UI is also reflected.

This is a javascript object which contains properties and functions to represent data to view. So this is the center place where data from Model and view’s display logic are grouped together.. As View and ViewModel connected together, the automatic data synchronizations are achieved through the use of observables. This 2 way data binding concept is a key aspect of MVVM pattern.

This is a real time data or business object which resides on server can be stored on database or other temporary storage. When request is sent/received from ViewModel it gets manipulated.

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