3 Kinds of Ceiling Designs you may opt for a Striking Room Décor

Ceiling Designs

While a lot of attention is given to the walls of a room, the ceiling design often remains overlooked when it comes to interior designing. The current trend of a false ceiling has definitely caught on, and there are quite a few options to choose from as well, but that too has had its run, and if not done well, it can look dated. To create a more striking look, one can play with color options on the ceiling as well, and the best way to bring out the play of colors is to keep the walls simple and muted. Here are some ideas which you can try for a mesmerizing ceiling:

1. 3D Paint Scheme:

Using 3D paint for the ceiling can be really innovative. You can choose from graphic patterns and it can give a much layered look to your ceiling. In fact, this can be used for better effect for low ceilings and it can give the idea of the increased height of the room, and create the illusion that the ceiling is actually high. A number of artists can help you with this kind of painting and if you want a custom ceiling you may contact them.

2. Psychedelic Pattern:

A psychedelic pattern would be perfect for those who want an artsy ceiling. The patterns create a whirl of colors and it is especially great for those who might not have enough room to install art work in their own or to care for it, but yet want something truly unique and eye catching. However, such patterns can be difficult to achieve on a large space like a ceiling and so it is essential that you get interior decorators and art designers to help you get the exact finish. There are so many patterns to choose from that even if you decide to do your ceiling once every couple of years or so, you will never go out of design ideas.

3. Starry Night:

There are many who love to stargaze but unfortunately not many get the chance to get out of the city or enjoy nights under the open sky to appreciate celestial beauty at night. However, you can of course, have your ceiling done up like a night sky and it is one of the most beautiful things that you can do for your home. You can use illuminating paint that will glow in the dark as you switch off your lights and the last thing that you see before drifting off to sleep are the stars that you admire so much. Again, you need expert painters and designers to have the desired effect so choose your designer with care. Someone with a knowledge of astronomy would of added help.

You can contact any professional who can help with interiors Bangalore and they will be able to help you with the choice of colors and patterns, depending on the size of the room and your personal preferences.

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