Internal Link Building

Internal Link Building

You can get benefit by interlinking your blog post. Interlinking means one link to another link within website and it serves many purpose including SEO.

You can not notice the importance of interlinking until you use blogging as a source of income. If you don’t interlink, then you hardly get 1 or 2 clicks from a user. Most of the visitors enter any blog by their recent blog post and they leave after visiting 1-2 older posts. But if you interlink then you can see your visitors can spend longer time by reading articles one after another too. All of this is because of interlinking.

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So, interlinking helps in user experience and SEO also.

Reading further:

It gives them a further reading options and suggestion about related topics. Providing the related links at the end of the article can ride your visitors to read those articles also.

Increase page view and decrease bounce rate:

This helps to keep the visitors for a long time and this strategy can increases the page views.


Interlink to the old articles can increases the page rank to that articles.

Some basic tips for interlinking:

  • Use good keywords you are linking to.
  • Do not use same post frequently that causes irritation.
  • Try to interlink within the screen view first few paragraphs.
  • You can use WordPress plugins that helps you to interlink.

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