The Importance of Keeping Your House Clean, Organized and Marketable at All Times

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Keeping your home in tip top shape can feel like a never ending battle. There are times where you just want to give up and let the mess take over. However, staying on top of the state of your home can actually be very beneficial for you in many ways.

1. ) Makes you feel proud of your home

“Taking care of your home can oftentimes be challenging, especially with children and a busy job. However, a clean and organized home can help you take pride in your accomplishments and help you to relax.

You will also feel good about inviting people into your home and have a sense of fulfillment as you are creating a space for your family to grow. So many big moments happen in a house so keeping it in top shape helps to make these moments even better.”

-Submitted by Karen Lee, Founder of Smart Robotic Home.

2.) It makes it easier to keep on top of repairs and other costs

“As you are more aware of your home and its needs, you are able to pinpoint areas in which it may need some work. From a faulty light switch to a leaky washing machine, fixing these things as they happen helps to mitigate any more serious damage down the road. Although it may be tough to always have the income for this, putting away money when you have a home is essential and can make your life a little easier. 

Being on top of the needs of your home, you are able to also see ways in which you can make minor upgrades that could save you time, money and space. This might be to change over to more eco friendly products that have less waste, or installing more shelving to keep things off the floor or kitchen table. These small upgrades help you in the long run and prevents your home from becoming run down.”

-Submitted by Nora Mitchell, Editor-in-chief of Household Advice.

3.) It helps you in the long run when you decide to sell

“Keeping your house in good condition also helps you when it comes time to sell your home. The dreaded inspection can bring about some costly repairs that you may not have the time or money for. Doing simple things around your home like painting baseboards, making sure the bathroom is free of mold and mildew, and updating small things like doorknobs and cupboard handles can make all the difference.

This also makes taking pictures of your home a lot easier for realtors and you have a better chance of getting a good price for your home. Small upgrades overtime really help to increase the home’s value and make it more desirable.”

-Submitted by John Gluch, Owner at Gluch Group.

4.) A clean home means a clear mind

Keeping your home free from clutter can also help with your mental health. A clean home correlates with a restful feeling and can decrease depression and anxiety. It can be difficult to focus on other things when you are surrounded by disorganized chaos and can make you feel defeated and unmotivated.

Although it might not be easy to keep on top of keeping your home mess free, doing small things around your home can make a big difference. I suggest starting with one part of a room and from there moving outward. This can take weeks or months, but the satisfaction of an organized space will directly alter how you feel and make your home feel like a sanctuary where you can relax.

At the end of the day you can only do your best, and your best over time can really benefit you. Your house should be in its best shape so it can bring you comfort and be your oasis away from all the chaos outside the four walls.

-Submitted by Alexander Burgemeester, Neuro-Psychologist and Owner of The Narcissistic Life.

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