Implementing Influencer Marketing for Your Magento E-Store – An Exclusive Guide

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Human psychology is complex. And of course, difficult to understand. Have you ever been through times when your loved one or a close friend gives you a piece of advice? Or suggests you a product. Quite often, you ignore it. But, when it comes from a third person, it immediately strikes you. Even if they put it simply. The next thing you know, you are already implementing that idea or buying that product. This is quite weird. But the fact is –strangers and people out of our daily contact have a huge influence on us. And this, is what is we call influencer marketing in the ecommerce world.

Let us say you have a Magento store. And you have already invested a lot behind Magento ecommerce development. Unfortunately, it does not just get over after putting up the store. You need to find the influencers of your niche and collaborate with them to promote your brand.

The aim of Influencer Marketing is to identify the influencers in your niche and make them work for you by promoting your brand. Today, we will discuss the techniques that you can follow before implementing influencer marketing for your Magento E-store. But before we talk about them, let us understand what Influencer Marketing is.

Introduction to Influencer Marketing

Just as the name depicts, influencer marketing includes the involvement of an influencer that can share your brand message with the right audience. These days, companies widely use social media platforms to engage users with their brand and boost sales. When you involve a third person, layperson, or a celebrity to recommend your product on these channels, it makes it into a soft marketing method.

For example, let us say there is a person who visits different places in the world and introduces people to the street food which is popular at these places. Or an architect who visits different monuments and acquaints people about the places they must visit. These influencers have a lot of followers as they inspire people with their choices and lifestyle.

After Magento development of their websites, several e-retailers make use of influencer marketing to boost their sales.

Now, let us get into the “how” part. Here is what you need to do:

Choose the Right Influencer

Yes, the platform of marketing important. But so is the influencer. This is because, these influencers have different number of followers on different platforms. Some might be experts at tweeting and some might be able to influence more by posting pictures on Instagram. So, you need to find experts and their followers based on your domain. To do so, you can start with shortlisting the influencers by using online tools like Buzz Stream, Whalar, GroupHigh BlogDash etc. and create a list of influencer marketing personalities.

Now, this might sound harsh; but you can also find out how influential these individuals are considering traits like personality, conversation method, genre, demographics and more. There are several other aspects that you can investigate but it is better not to go too deep as it might make things complicated for your marketing activities.

Choose the Right Channel

The second most important aspect to consider is – the marketing channel. Every digital community, marketplace or social network is no less than a potential marketing channel. Apart from Facebook there are other forums through which you can conduct influencer marketing. Some companies that offer Magento development services can also guide you into choosing the digital marketing channel for the promotion of your brand. Let us look into some of them:

Themed Blogs

You will find several themed blogs which have several followers. If your ecommerce store is into selling products that are visually appealing, you can consider posting the images with hashtags and feeds by popular Instagrammers.

YouTube Tutorials

Hire a popular YouTuber to promote your product and in no time, you will witness a flood of e- orders. Although video tutorials are not a new deal; if the influencer expresses how they used your ecommerce website, you are sure to reach a wider audience. Also, you will be able to drive better revenue along with some partnerships crucial for your success.

Pinterest Collaborations

If you have a designer brand, you can have curated boards about them through Pinterest. All you need to do is team up with influential pinners, photograph your products in a creative way and promote them.

All this said and done, how would you measure if the above-mentioned tactics are working for your brand? Well, before you dive into any influencer marketing campaign, you must discuss different nuances, tricks and analytics strategies that will drive your campaign. And after you launch it, there are ways to track how influencer marketing has driven sales for you. Here is how you can do it:

Tracking Pixels

If you are into influential marketing through blogs, this is a good tool. The website cookies keep a track of blog readers and enables you to run effective retargeting ad campaigns that leads readers to buy. The tool enables you to track readers when they make a purchase and don’t make use of a direct link in the article.

Comment to Buy

A lot of Instagram influencers make the most out of this tool. As a part of this, influencer marketers ask their followers to comment with their email address in case they want to buy the featured product. Although the follower’s email gets deleted it enables to send an email to the follower with the link suggesting to buy the product.

X-Hour Window

If you have paid the influencer for marketing posts on Instagram and Pinterest, you must track sales within few hours of posting. With the help of X-Hour Window, you can monitor the traffic and conversions of your eCommerce store and make a comparison with pre-influencer metrics.


Besides the aforementioned social media platforms, you have plenty of tools that focus entirely on finding your perfect influencer. You can use influencer databases and networks to save time on searching for influencers on social media. For example, AspireIQ is one of the most popular databases, while Trend is an influencer network that allows you to track campaigns and communicate with your influencers. Before investing in these platforms, make sure to read Trend and AspireIQ reviews to determine which tool fits your needs better.

Remember that influencer marketing is no less than celebrity endorsement which companies implement on with different social media platforms. If you have not thought about inculcating this kind of marketing, it is time you do so. And you will observe that the results were worth it. Try it to believe it!

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