How to Make Money Using Social Networks?

Social Networks

The importance of social media in today’s world cannot be downplayed as the various social networks have come to stay, with a lot much more possibilities on offer. Statistical data from recent studies show that an average person spends around two hours or more on social media sites daily.

Now the question, however, is, why not utilize this time in making money?

It is interesting to note that most businesses all over the world are beginning to take advantage of the online environment to market their products through social networking platforms. Which means distance is not a barrier on social media, as all you need is an active account and internet-enabled devices like computers, smartphones or tablets.

Private account owners believe that it is only possible to make money through these social networks by having a large number of followers. It is not always the case as there are effective strategies to making your posts more appealing besides just communicating with friends and exchanging photos and videos. Once you have the attention of your followers, you can now leverage your position to make money while marketing products for top brands.

Here are seven (7) cool tips for making money using social networks.

#1 Consistency in your Chosen Niche and Platform

A lot of self-searching goes into figuring out the topics that you are most passionate about. The fact that it is easy for you to talk about does not mean that a lot of research would not go into acquiring more knowledge on the subject.

You should also choose a platform that works best for you, whether it is Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, YouTube, or Pinterest, among other similar networks. The right post on your preferred platform should be able to spark up conversations and drive the much-needed traffic to your social feeds.

When you have discovered the thing that you are most passionate about, your consistency can be seen in your posts whether text-based or infographic. You would discover that there are opportunities in every area which can be monetized once you find a way to set yourself apart with your approach to any chosen topic.

#2 Partner with Unique Brands that Fit Your Specialty 

Most influencers tend to promote brands that produce similar products, which is not a bad idea but you can make more money by considering something more unique. Trying a new product that fits your profile could be the way to go.

Most of your followers would want to try a new product only when they discover that you are using it. Having used the product makes it possible to generate authentic reviews about it. Brands would then seek to partner with you for promotional services which will earn you a considerable amount of money.

#3 Lead Generation for Your Skills

Blog owners have an edge here, as they are more inclined to promote their unique content over a particular time frame. Social media users can also take advantage of this strategy which allows them to create more interest in services that they have demonstrated expertise in. Connecting with your target audience and people who share similar interests become easier from here on out.

You can use great quality videos and unique photos to your advantage, as people are basically thrilled by what they see. A sharp and intriguing image is most likely going to push them to buy into your idea while a shabby one will certainly do the opposite.

It is most important to create a detailed, interesting, and well-structured post, regardless of the location or language of the audience you are seeking to engage. With the aid of translation services that are available online from providers like The Word Point, breaking language barriers would no longer be a challenge.

#4 Maintain an active account

When it comes to making money, a dormant social media account would do you no good. With more posts on your social feeds your account comes to life with more credence. It becomes a lot easier for your other social media users to connect with you.

But hey! That doesn’t mean you should go on posting lots of jargon to keep your account active. Posting relevant content to a target market is key.

Top brands often seek out social media influencers that have a high engagement rate, as seen on their social feeds. Responding to comments and sharing new ideas will guarantee your success when it comes to keeping conversations going with your target audience. Brands would soon notice you and seek your services in marketing campaigns.

#5 Giveaways 

People naturally love freebies and are easily drawn to special offers and amazing discounts. To attract more followers who have a genuine interest in your niche and drive the desired traffic to your social feeds, hosting giveaways will definitely come in handy.

When negotiating with brands, try to suggest promos, discounts, and product giveaways to attract followers and thus increase your sales value. Adding value to your followers will ensure that they keep coming back to your social feeds while your credibility soars.

Do not be afraid to spend your own money for a start. You would be glad when you begin to reap the rewards.

#6 Current Trends and Hashtags

Hashtags are resourceful and come in handy on social Networks when you need to sell a new idea. Try to come up with something nifty and feel free to use it as often as you can.

You can also take advantage of trending topics without being sentimental when it comes to those that are political or controversial. As you come up with creative hashtags that go viral, brands would want to bring you in on their marketing campaigns with the hope of getting a good return on investment. 

 #7 Get in line with a Good Affiliate Program

Several brands are looking for associates who can promote their products and services for a fixed commission. You get to point prospective customers who have interests in particular products and services in the right direction.

The commission rates tend to vary for different products and you would need to abide by their terms and conditions for this strategy to work. Posting reviews for those products that you use can increase the number of your followers who would also want to give it a try.

You can consider joining the Amazon affiliate program or discover unique products to promote on the Clickbank network to start earning whenever a customer is redirected from your social media account.


No doubt there is some good money to be made on social media networks, but you also have to be willing to put in the effort. Create great content and curate your work in a manner that gets your target audience always engaged. Once you get this sorted you can begin to monetize.

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