How to Invite in Whatsaap Group Link?

Whatsaap Group Link

In the trend of Social Media, whatsaap is in some other level of success. Whatsaap has made a trend of being active to your Family and Contacts. Out of 5person 4person has “WHATSAAP” in their Mobile Phone.

Whatsaap has been launched in 2009 and has made a trend with its features. There are different types of platform present these days but Whatsaap has designed in this way so that user can share day to day activities by this.

Nowadays Social media became part of our life. We can’t think our life now a day without social media because we had made our habit to update day to day activity. These days people mindset is totally changed a person forget his breakfast or lunch but they are so much crazy about their social media accounts.


Whatsapp is one of the most installed apps in a smartphone these days. Not only are the young people using the app even though kids and elders also supporting the app. Whatsapp is a messaging application to get connected to your contact for free. Whatsapp is having some basic features like Audio call, Video call and now they have updated these features with multiple party call or conference call.

Being friend zoned is now common but you have to be get connected with them. Whatsapp gives you that platform to get connected to them faster.

It has some unique features you never have seen anywhere apart from this in privacy as compared to other social media platforms. Even you can backup all your chats data to your google account so that if it might get deleted then you can get those chats back or if you uninstall your WhatsApp due to some reason or mistakenly then you can install it again and can get all your chats back. You can also backup your media files data, just you need to make setting according to your suitability. There are so many small and unique features are there in the WhatsApp that attracts the user to choose the whatsaap.

There is one amazing more basic feature that is WhatsApp Groups Messaging. Here you need to create a group on whatsaap and then you need to add your desired person whomever you want to be in that particular group.WhatsApp User can also invite peoples whoever wants to join the particular WhatsApp group.


There are some easy steps to get the whatsaap link.

Go to the group info and “TAP ON” ‘INVITE VIA LINK’after just doing this you will get your WhatsApp group link now you just need to be share wherever you wanted to. And by simply click on any particular link you can easily get into the WhatsApp group.

Using WhatsApp is not so big deal now. It is very simple and designed so amazing that every person can understand the language very easily. Although we had also explained some of its amazing features and basically how to join the group if any further details or you get trouble you can comment and tell us. Share it as much as you can.

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