How To Increase Your Followers For Your Business Instagram Account?

Instagram Business Account

Instagram is the fastest growing social media out of the main socials, and one that certainly should be being used for businesses to try and expand their business and increase their sales. Instagram can be an easily targe table and visual marketing channel for your good and/or service by building a loyal audience that increased traffic across your business – today we show you how best you can do this for your business.

When posting on Instagram for your business, you need to ensure that are creating good quality content and targeting your audience. Instagram bots do read your style of post and position it where they think would be best but if you can help this by posting content in which your chosen audience wants to see, as well as posting it with the correct hashtags to ensure that the right potential consumers you are wants to see it see it.

Social media has become so popular of late and has been a growing ever since its release at the beginning of the decade; however, it hasn’t shown the growth that it has in 2020. In fact, due to many consumers spending more time at home and online in 2020 due to the global pandemic and lockdown rules, it has benefitted from this even more – and it wasn’t the only industry that has benefitted.

They have ridden the wave of this trend as they have been offering some of the best sign up deals for all new customers as well as huge money matching schemes on all deposits.

Using geotags is also an easy way in which you can boost traffic locally as these geotags can ensure that your businesses Instagram posts and stories will become discoverable to potential consumers in your locations for example the city you are in or your shop in which the photo was taken.

Making your posts and feed more personable as well is one way to increase engagement on your feed allows for your consumers to know that you aren’t some robot-marketed company and that you are just an ever day user of the app, very similar to them, and that you actually care about your customers reviews towards your goods and/or service. Did you know, a selfie on Instagram is 38% more likely to get more likes than just a standard photo.

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