How to Improve Your Business Privacy?

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Cybersecurity and protection of confidential data are very important for any business, as hackers have become a lot more sophisticated in their attacking techniques nowadays. New malware and viruses are getting released on the internet every now and then, which is used by cyber criminals to steal confidential data from businesses such as account numbers, credit card details, and customer details etc. Criminals use such stolen data to commit frauds such as identity theft and unauthorized financial transactions to loot money.

Small businesses might not be able to afford the costly security hardware and IT security professionals like large corporations. Businesses can also consider the use of artificial intelligence and real-time analytics for prevention of cybersecurity frauds.  There are several automatic fraud detection solutions available on the market, which are designed to help small and medium businesses. Here are some essential tips for business owners to improve their privacy and to tighten data security, which can help them thwart the modern cyber threats.

Install Antivirus Software on your Business Workstations

When you want to safeguard your business privacy, you should build a secure infrastructure with multiple levels of protection. You should update all your workstations with the latest operating system having all the security patches, to address the recently discovered vulnerabilities. You should consider installing an antivirus for all your workstations, whether it’s a MacBook or a Windows device. Bitdefender Antivirus for Mac is the best security product available for MacBooks, which will guarantee protection from all possible online threats including viruses, adware, spyware, Trojans, worms and malware. You can increase your business privacy and protect all your customer data using this reliable antivirus solution.

Installation of Firewall and IPS

If you want ultimate protection from online threats, you should also consider installing a firewall to prevent any malicious traffic from entering your network. It can be useful to prevent hackers from gaining unauthorized access to your internal network as the firewall will block any suspicious traffic. The Intrusion Prevention System also acts in a similar way and examines any incoming traffic to your network to detect any vulnerability exploits, and protects your confidential business data. Employees who are working remotely should use a secure VPN to access any business data as this will prevent any eavesdropping by hackers.

Use of Data Encryption Tools

Another important method to protect your business privacy is through the use of encryption tools for safeguarding all your confidential data. Encryption is a technique which uses advanced cryptographic algorithms like AES (Advanced Encryption Standard), Triple DES, Blowfish etc. to prevent unauthorized access to sensitive information. All your business-critical data should be encrypted using complex mathematical algorithms so that hackers will not be able to access it. Even if they gain access to your network and steal the data, they will not be able to decrypt it without knowing the encryption key. This is helpful to prevent hackers from stealing sensitive business data like emails and documents which are stored in your datacentre, workstations or any portable media.

Tough Passwords and Restricted Access to Sensitive Data

To protect your critical data from unauthorized access, you should have different levels of authentication and grant access to sensitive data only to the required people in your organization. For example, low-level employees and help-desk or support engineers should not be given access to sensitive information about customers. All your critical data should be stored on secure servers and it should be encrypted. You should also educate your employees about the importance of security and advise the use of tough passwords. All the devices including workstations and mobile devices, email accounts and other business accounts should be protected with hard-to-crack passwords which cannot be broken with normal brute force attacks.

Mobile Security is Vital

As many modern businesses have gone mobile, it is important to reinforce mobile security within your organization through the use of suitable antivirus applications for mobile devices from companies like Bitdefender. You can also consider using VPN tools for remotely accessing any business data from mobile devices. Any employee using the company’s mobile device should not be allowed to use public Wi-Fi hotspots as they are unsecure.

Businesses should consider multiple levels of authentication and different security layers to prevent any cyber threats and data breaches.

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