How to get Your Sales Team Back on Track

Sales Team

Sales are the heart of a company. Without this department’s results, the business simply doesn’t exist. So, when it starts running on empty, it is time to refill the team with new energy. Here are a few ideas that will enable you to get the motor pumping again, and bring back life into each employee.

Head Out for a Day at the Airsoft Field

There is no better way to get your team energy back than to take them out for a day at the Airsoft field. This war game will get their minds back into action and their body will have to follow suit, as they get on the terrain, trying to defeat their enemy, whoever that may be. There is nothing like competition to bring a salesperson back to life. Put a 1911 airsoft pistol in their hands and tell them to go and conquer new territories. It will remind them how it feels to come back out on top, and they can then apply that same desire of winning to their work, when they are back at the office the next day. Make sure you make it worthwhile, by creating new strategies that they will have to apply, once they get back to selling.

Involve All Team Members in Strategic Planning

When you come back from the airsoft team-building event, get everyone in a room and ask them to think of strategies that come from the ones they have used during the game. The mind of a salesperson is always in ebullition (at least when they are on their game). Now, that you have placed them in a position where they had to think and be creative, don’t waste all their efforts. Let them express their vision on how they can find new ways to add customers. The fact that you involve them will be another important motivational piece in itself, as you move forward.

Lead by Example

It doesn’t take much for a salesperson to come back to life, but the same is true about losing faith in their work. It often starts with a lack of belief in the manager. Therefore, what you need to do is to go back to the work that was yours previously ad is now theirs and show them how it is done. There is no better way to lead than by example. After you have closed a few sales, they will want to go back to work and show that they can also do it, even if it is just to prove their worth to you.

Bring in Competition

If you really want to place them in a position where they will have to perform, you need to bring in new blood into the team. There is nothing that a salesperson fears more than internal competition. They are afraid of losing their position in the company, but also to have potential clients taken away from them. With a new person on board, your team will wake up and be at their best, in no time.

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