How To Get The Best Auto and Home Insurance Rates in Ontario


Auto and home insurance is critical for anyone willing to protect their investments. If you are in Ontario, you have plenty of options to choose from when it comes to insurers to protect your auto and home.

However, selecting the right provider that will provide you with the best home and auto insurance rates is also critical.

There are several steps you can take to optimize your search and avail yourself of the best insurance rates. Keep reading to know more. Also, to understand how to get the best Wawanesa insurance quotes, visit a reputable online insurance brokerage.

Getting the best home and auto insurance Ontario has to offer

Some general tips that will help you find the best home and auto insurance rates include the following:

Maintain a good credit score

Your credit rating is a great asset that helps you get the best auto and home insurance rates in Ontario. Other than auto and home insurance at lower rates, a good credit score will also help you get personal loans, car loans, as well as mortgages on your home. A lower credit score will surely raise your premiums irrespective of the loan you are availing.

However, the good news is you can always improve your credit score if it isn’t optimal. All you need to do is to pay your bills for a credit card, electricity, mobile phone, etc., on time, and your credit rating will shoot up in no time, unlocking lower auto and home insurance rates.

Shop around for the best rates

As with any competitive market, shopping around the insurance market often gets you better insurance rates rather than going with the first available option. Make sure to talk to at least three different insurers and compare their quotes. However, when comparing quotes, also check the coverage they offer for the said quotes.

You don’t want to end up with less coverage or features than needed simply for the sake of lower rates. If something seems too good to be true, it often is.

Be aware of your location

Insurance companies have different rates for different regions, often in the same province. For a large province like Ontario, rates can vary significantly. If you live in northern Ontario, your insurance rates can be higher than those in Brampton, for example.

There are several reasons why this happens. In remote locations, the longer shipping distances increase the prices of rebuilding or renovating homes. Moreover, many local communities depend on volunteer firefighters who may not leave their homes in a prime state for future repairs. The point is you should only compare insurance rates in your locality to get the correct picture.

Inquire about bundle discounts

Many insurance companies attract customers by offering great deals on bundled insurance. So, if you buy auto and home insurance together from the same provider rather than buying them separately, you can get the best home and auto insurance rates. They may even combine the premiums and provide an overall lower premium.

There could be other benefits of bundling auto and home insurance too. Also, besides the bundle discount, you can avail of lower rates due to several other factors like being a member of a professional association, installing safety features in your car or home, or having a good driving record.

Manage personal factors

Insurance is subjective and biased based on personal factors. So, you may end up having a different insurance rate than your friends, family members, or neighbours with similar cars or houses.

For example, in the case of auto insurance, people that drive less will have lower rates than someone who’s perpetually on the road. Younger drivers will pay a higher premium than older, more experienced drivers. Moreover, someone that has never made any insurance claims despite being insured will have lower premiums than those that have made claims.

Adjust your deductible

Your deductible is inversely proportional to your insurance premiums. The more the deductible is, the lower your auto and home insurance rates will be. So, even though having a higher deductible might help, this is more complex. Your deductible is something you will have to pay out of your pocket while making a claim.

If it’s too high, it can negate the purpose of having auto or car insurance altogether. We recommend that you consider your personal financial status first before calibrating your deductible so that you can avail of the best possible rate without compromising your ability to pay the deductible.

Know when to file a claim

Insurance is best used as a cover that protects your finances in the event of a significant problem. Filing claims for smaller cases often have an inverse effect on your insurance rates. Most property and casualty insurance specialists recommend that you only file a claim when the claim amount is more than $1000.

Moreover, if your deductible is anywhere between $200-$500, filing repeated claims for smaller amounts simply would not be worth it as it will continue to pile up the premium costs. For smaller issues, we recommend dipping into your emergency fund for coverage.

Review your policy regularly

This is a surprisingly effective method of controlling the cost of your auto and home insurance in Ontario. We often have specific requirements during the start of an insurance policy that we do not at a later stage. Reviewing your auto and home insurance annually will give you a clear idea of how your needs have evolved. Removing coverage you no longer need is a direct way to cut costs and save on insurance premiums.

Work with a reputed insurance broker

A reputable insurance broker will have in-depth information on the insurance market and can curate the best auto and home insurance policy based on your specific needs. They can ensure that you are not only covered for all eventualities but also are not paying more than you should be.

Connecting with an insurance broker is a great way to explore the many diverse and often confounding insurance offerings available and come out with the best possible match.

How to get the best auto and home insurance rates in Ontario — Conclusion

Now that you know how to secure the best auto and home insurance rates, consult a reputed insurance broker for the best quotes. A professional can help you narrow down your options according to your specific requirements.

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