How to Find Non-Copyrighted Music: 9 of the Greatest Sites to Use

Non-Copyrighted Music

Music is an essential part of life, and it makes everything better. When it comes to YouTube videos, marketing videos, and other digital platforms, adding music gives it a special touch.

Unfortunately, you can’t pick any song you want and there are certain rules that apply to use particular songs.

Luckily, there’s a workaround for getting non-copyrighted music with no hassle. With that said, the information below will give some suggestions on where to find awesome stock music sites.

What Is Royalty-Free Music?

Just to be clear, royalty-free music doesn’t mean that it’s actually free. In most cases, you have to pay a one-time fee which allows the purchaser to get a license that cancels out any subsequent royalty payments.

However, there are instances where the music is free and the musician requires that credit be given in exchange for the track.

It’s important to note that just because a song is royalty-free, it doesn’t mean it’s a bad song; there are tons of non-copyrighted songs that are amazing.

Speaking of copyrights, when a person creates a song, they have exclusive rights to it and must give permission for others to use it. Yes, it’s hurtful to find out you can’t use your favorite song in your video, but you don’t want to violate any infringement laws.

Not to mention, if you use YouTube, they will take your content down if you’re not following the rules.

Giving Credit For Music

Also, you might have seen posts online stating ” I do not own the rights to this music” and, while that’s a nice gesture, it still doesn’t give that person permission to play the song.

Even if you give a music credit for the track, it doesn’t quite cut it. You might be thinking, “Well, I bought this track from iTunes” Unfortunately, you still can’t use it (even if you paid for it)—sorry!

It’s best to stick to relying on legal platforms to find your tunes. It’s best to find sites that have content like these stock music options below.

1. YouTube Audio Library

Many of the songs Youtubers use comes from YouTube’s audio library. It’s filled with various genres of music from country to smooth jazz. You can also search tracks by theme or by their duration if you’re using them for a video.

Furthermore, the site has a music policy section that allows you to search certain songs to see if they are available for use and if they’re not, it explains ways other ways to play the song.

2. Amazon

Amazon is one of the best music sites to find non-copyrighted music, especially if like getting tunes from a well-known brand.

There’s a large selection of music to choose from in multiple categories. Not all of the songs are free, but most of them are really inexpensive and cost less than a dollar.

3. TakeTones

TakeTones is perfect for finding non-copyrighted music that’s for commercial use. It has a large inventory of royalty-free music for vlogs and you can search tracks by genre or mood.

4. SoundCloud

One of the best music sites for music tracks is SoundCloud. They have a selection of music that has no copyright restrictions, which primarily consists of Dance and EDM style genres.


If you’re looking for a fresh sound for your videos, try this website. The new music is submitted directly on the site by producers, which makes it unique. Free-stock-music is licensed under Creative Commons, so its selection of non-copyrighted music is fairly large.

6. Netlabels

Netlabel offers a variety of tunes for free that you can download under a Creative Common’s license. It has a collection of over 65,0000 portions of music that are filtered by year, genre, or artist.

Netlabel is also one of the few stock music sites that include a selection of foreign music.

7. Incompetech

The selection of tracks on Incompetech are composed by musician Kevin MacLeod. It offers filming score moods that range from horror to mystery, which is great for short films.

Not to mention, the site also has sounds from around the world from Africa to South America. The non-copyrighted music on the site is free as long as credit is given to the musician.

8. Jamendo

Jamendo is exclusively for marketers and advertisers and the music is selected according to the type of project it’ll be used for.

Since the site is catered towards people who have their own brands, the tracks a bit more expensive. However, you can choose the subscription option to have access to unlimited music.

9. Artlist

If you’re looking for unlimited music collection with no restrictions on licensing, Artlist is a good choice. It’s a subscription-based platform full of incredible tunes.

One of the coolest features about this site is that any music that you download while you have a subscription is yours to keep.

Non-Copyrighted Music: Create a Sweet Sound

Finding non-copyrighted music doesn’t have to be a headache. After all, it’s better to take the time to find royalty-free music, rather than to work hard on a video and have it taken down.

Yes, it may be a bummer to not be able to use your favorite songs, but there are rules and regulations for everything!

Plus, using stock music sites helps you to discover new artists and sounds. As long as you have a good taste in music, you’ll pick the best tunes and your videos are going to be amazing either way.

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