How to create the perfect logo for Instagram

Instagram logo

Instagram has a monthly audience of 1 billion people. For 2020, 90% of brands are present on Instagram, while if you take the fashion industry, then 96% of US brands can also be found on Instagram. From the point of view of promoting your own brand, ignoring such a huge audience is unforgivable. In this article, you will learn how to create an effective Instagram logo.

What is a logo

It is known that the word LOGO in translation from Greek means – a name, a symbol or a trade mark. The logo is designed for easy recognition of the future brand (trademark). The logo expresses a graphical representation of the essence of the company. Typically, a logo consists of a sign and an inscription (or only an inscription). If you have a professionally designed logo, then there are many advantages to it.

A good logo will help your business attract new customers and increase brand loyalty and trust. The logo occupies a central place in the identity of the company.

There are currently three main types of logos:

  1. Pictures (with a picture of the company’s activities);
  2. Graphic (consist of graphic elements – abstraction);
  3. Text (text representing the company’s activities).

We list the main components of a good logo: style, clarity, attractiveness, the personification of the right image, legibility, visibility, memorability, simplicity, brightness.

How to make a logo for Instagram

Instagram logo

Companies are getting more and more active on Instagram. Therefore, it is extremely important to stand out and include this network in your overall marketing strategy. Acquired by Facebook, the application continues to improve: opening ads, displaying content according to the algorithm, the emergence of analysis tools, etc.

You gradually immerse your brand in the daily lives of your subscribers, reaching out to them through the most direct channel possible. This creates a good emotional connection and ultimately allows you to build a community of fans who are genuinely interested in your content or product.

What icon to choose for the logo?

Icons are great tools for capturing the attention of your audience. They play an important role in understanding the message of the company. The icon, with the right selection, can make the logo more memorable and harmonious.


Try to use an icon that will help connect the logo and your industry. For example, icons with animals may be suitable for a veterinary clinic, while for an airline, the elements of an airplane: a wing, a pixelated tail, and an airplane as a whole. There are also hints of flight in the form of wings, air currents, birds. If the niche is neutral and does not involve specific elements, you can use abstract images.

Simplicity and conciseness

Try to avoid icons that are too overloaded with elements. Choose simple, drawn in a few strokes. Thus, the icon will complement, and not overload the logo.

Conciseness of colors

Don’t use too many colors for icons. Try to limit yourself to one or two colors.


The icon should be functional and look good when used in product printing and outdoor advertising. If it is too complex and multi-component, it will lose the quality and integrity of the logo when scaling.

How to choose a font?

A well-chosen font can highlight the strengths of your logo (and your brand), while an inappropriate and poorly chosen font can cause unpleasant associations and mistrust among customers.

When choosing a font, you should pay the most attention to two points:


The font should be selected so that the text is clearly visible, it does not merge and does not blur due to an unsuccessfully chosen font. Also, the text should be legible even when resizing the logo.


The font should be in harmony with the icon. If the icon consists of thin lines, you should not make it bold, it will look disproportionate. The situation is similar with the style of the icon, if the image is graphic, choose a font in the same style.

How to choose colors?

Choosing a color for a logo is very important because colors have different associations and meanings. It is the color that evokes emotions and feelings in customers, so it is important to choose a color that suits your business.

General recommendations that you can focus on when choosing a color palette:

  • There is no specific color for any industry, but some may be better suited to certain business niches;
  • Colors can be combined. Some brands like eBay, Google, NBC, Instagram prefer to use multiple colors. But with a combination of a large number of colors, be careful. This is appropriate when it comes to elements such as a rainbow, a butterfly, etc. Also, when a purely text-based logo is designed, it avoids layering of colors;
  • Different interpretations of colors are inherent in different cultures. For example, in the west, white symbolizes purity and peace, but in China, white is death. Therefore, if you plan to enter different markets, make sure that your corporate colors will be correctly perceived in all cultures.

So, we told you about how to create a logo for Instagram. We wish you good luck in promoting the brand!

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