How to Choose the Best E-Commerce Theme for Your Online Business

Best E-Commerce Theme

Whether you are looking to reinvent an existing website or you have finally decided to take the plunge into the lucrative world of online retail sales, you need to start off from a firm footing.  One major (and sometimes confusing) concern involves how you will be able to select the best e-commerce theme for your business.  Unlike what some other so-called “gurus” have claimed, there is much more to this process than simply copying and pasting a selection of text into a browser.  While this might be sufficient when experimenting with generic platforms such as WordPress, the fact of the matter is that the ultimate success of your business could very well depend upon the initial approach to an e-commerce template.  What major factors will you need to take into account?  Is there any type of checklist to employ in order to ensure that all bases are covered?  Let’s break the overall process down into a handful of discrete sections in order to properly digest the steps that should be taken.

The Notion of Familiarity

We are all creatures of habit and online shoppers are certainly no different. This is why the best Shopify themes will naturally embrace a sense of visual familiarity. Some examples of this concept include:

– A left-hand navigation bar.

– Product descriptions and checkout information on the right-hand side of the page.

– Contact details at the top of the page.

– A clear user menu that does not change when navigating to different sections of your website.

Users who are able to quickly find what they are looking for will be much more likely to take additional steps such as requesting information or competing a purchase.

The Role of Simplicity

More is not necessarily better in terms of modern e-commerce themes.  Think for a moment about the last time you navigated to a website laden with pop-ups and annoying banner ads.  Not only is this frustrating from a visual point of view, but such efforts will often have the exact negative result of their initial intention.  To be clear, there is nothing wrong with placing calls to action and similar advertisements (such as n upcoming sale) within your theme.  Just be certain that they do not overwhelm the user to the point where they distract attention from the products themselves.

Detailed Product Images

It is always important to have high-definition product images embedded within your e-commerce theme. Humans boast a very visual nature and this is even more relevant when referring to the mobile community.  They are more likely to view an image in  greater detail as opposed to read a section of text.  If you are just starting out and you do not yet possess a great deal of HD images, it is wise to select a theme that does not highlight this section as much.  Remember that you can always upgrade in the future as your inventory of images continues to grow.

Branding Benefits

Any marketing analyst will observe that branding is critical if you hope to maintain a sense of uniformity across the website.  Incorporate this very same branding into the decision-making process when choosing an e-commerce theme.  There is nothing worse than a website selling quality products which leaves its users confused by the themes that are employed.  Take into account aspects such as font sizes, tones, background colors and content.

Mobile-Friendly Design Options

It is currently estimated that more than half of the population within the United States uses mobile devices to make purchases on a regular basis.  So, it only stands to reason that your e-commerce theme must be able to display correctly on smartphones and tablets.   The template should also offer a system-agnostic framework.  In other words, it should display the same on all operating systems such as Android and iOS models.

Your E-Commerce Theme Checklist

These are some of the main issues that you should take into account when choosing the best e-commerce theme for your budding enterprise. To clarify things a bit, we will summarize the points mentioned above:

– Keep things simple.

– Try to use HD product imagery and multimedia

– Incorporate branding into your strategy.

Be sure that the theme will work with mobile devices.

The aim of these suggestions is to enable you to work smart as opposed to hard.  However, do not rush through the selection process.  It is best to take your time and experiment with several different options in order to better appreciate the choices at your disposal.  Ask a friend or co-worker for advice. It could also be a good idea to browse through the pages associated with your main competitors in order to see what others are doing.  If you are prepared in advance, there is no doubt that 2019 will prove to be an amazing year for your business model.

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