How to choose the best bedroom lamp

bedroom lamp

Bedside lamps can create a perfect environment for your bedroom, so. The best bedroom lamp for you will depend on your preferences. You may want a lamp that matches your bedroom furniture, or you need something that provides plenty of light to read. Here we will tell you a few tips that you must consider before buying any best bedroom lamp.

1. Purpose

Start by asking yourself, ‘What do I want these lamps for?’ Do you want to choose a style, or do you need enough light to read while you settle into bed? It has different considerations for romantic lighting, table lamps that light up a dark corner or lampshades that create a softer light. Choose directional lighting for reading or ambient lighting to get rid of any shadows.

2. Types of bedroom lamps

Like bedroom sets, bedside lamps come in various types and styles. Metal lamps with narrow bases work well on smaller tables or if you need an additional surface area for books, mugs, watches, and reading glasses. 

A wider lamp with multiple bulbs provides great light. The materials that enter the lamp denote its robustness; A metal lamp is stronger and more durable compared to a glass table lamp or a wooden bedside lamp.

3. Color

The color of your lamps should match the rest of your bedroom. Consider a dark-colored lamp if your bedroom set contains darker wood or stained wood. 

If your bedroom set is white, you can combine the lamps with the bed instead of the colors of the side tables. 

You can also combine materials of the same color; A dark metal headboard and matching side tables can mean dark metal lamps in shades of white to complement the look of your bedroom.

4. Shapes of the lamp

Different lampshades form various lighting effects. A glass lampshade casts a glow on the lamp with a brighter light below it, while a lampshade with a wide opening at the top illuminates the area on the nightstand and reduces shadows. A directional display, perfect for reading lights, reduces light to a specific area.

The material and color of the shadow will impact the light effect you get. A dark-colored lampshade mutes light emitted from the lamp side but focuses light up and down. 

A metal lampshade is completely opaque, and if you have a single-sided lampshade, it illuminates below or above the lamp, but not both. A transparent shade of cream color softens the light around the table for a romantic feeling.

5. Bedroom style

The style of your room plays an important role in the type of bedside lamp to choose from, whether you want a Victorian, Baroque, rustic, country, or art deco lamps. Rustic furniture is generally made of wood, while Victorian and Baroque furniture comes in metal. 

Contemporary styles come from the latest trends in interior decoration. Its lamp must match the decoration of the rest of the room so that the pieces combine with your bedroom set.Visit : Best Information Today

6. Brightness

The brightness of light from a desk lamp or any other type of light source helps determine lighting effects. In addition to the correct type of lampshade, you can achieve brighter light with various bulbs. 

Compact fluorescent bulbs are brighter than traditional incandescent bulbs. In contrast, soft white light bulbs have a duller effect because the outer glass decreases the intensity of the inside of the bulb. Look for the lumen rating in the bulb specifications and do not exceed the manufacturer’s recommended wattage for the lamp.

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  1. Thanks for the insightful guide, indeed brightness makes your bedroom come alive. Now I have some considerations before buying a new lamp. Keep up the great work.

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