How the Tatkal Scheme is a Service Designed for You?

Tatkal Scheme

People using the railway train station to travel often book seats online for convenience. While many options require booking well in advance, there is an option that lets passengers book at the last minute whether it’s for personal or business reasons. The Tatkal Scheme is an Indian Railways ticket program that enables passengers to purchase train tickets on short notice. Passengers book a seat a day before their scheduled travel with traveler-friendly features.

When you need a train urgently

Passengers have options when they book Tatkal tickets on IRCTC (Indian Railway Catering and Tourism Corporation). The railway ticket program was established for travelers that need to travel immediately to get to their destination. The process is easy for passengers even if you are new to purchasing a ticket or being a passenger of this railway system. To reserve a seat for next-day travel, passengers are encouraged to book the day before during morning hours. IRCTC agents may have time restrictions that are listed on the official IRCTC for booking you can review before reserving.

Learn train availability details quickly

Many travel websites providing information about Tatkal Railway reservation options give details about train availability and ticket prices. Even for urgent travel needs, passengers can learn how much to pay based on travel class. There are charges based on low and high tier rates. Travel class options include second seater, sleeper class, and executive class to name a few. Most classes have reserved seats by other passengers, but there is a certain number left available exclusively for short notice booking. When using the website to book you create an account that details your travel information upon booking.  Travelers may also use authorized third party train apps and the PRS or Passenger Reservation System (over the counter).

Additional booking details to know

Upon having a personal account to book tickets, you’ll enter details related to your journey, travel class, and destination station to learn train options. You’ll get a list of trains based on the information about the station you’re going to or your destination. It is easy to choose a train and learn availability. Booking your journey includes providing information about yourself and people you plan to travel with including food preference. You have options on how to pay for your ticket, including via debit card, digital wallet, and net banking. Travelers have an advanced period known as the ARP or Advance Reservation Period to book a seat. The date your ticket is a full 24 hours before the day of your travel. The Tatkal ticket has become more convenient for travelers using Indian Railways. While planning in advance is recommended, it is common for people to have travel needs at the last minute. The Tatkal Scheme acknowledges people with urgent travel needs and provides a service that lets travelers customize their journey at an affordable price. There are terms and conditions passengers should be aware of before booking to ensure a smooth travel experience. Around the clock, customer service support is available for people with questions or concerns.

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