How Starbucks Built a Global Coffee Empire through Strategic Planning and Customer Experience


Starbucks is one of the most popular coffee shops globally. It wouldn’t be wrong if we say that the brand is the leader in the coffee industry and it’s all because of the marketing strategy that the company has used for growing the business.

With its 20000+ coffee shops in over 60 countries, this shop is getting profit in billions. Also, it is roughly estimated that Starbucks has added two stores every single day since 1987.

But how did it happen? What’s making this brand so popular? Is it the taste of coffee or its just hype?

In this article, we will cover this topic in detail and tell you the details of Starbucks’ marketing strategy that allowed it to grow globally.

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Now coming back to the main topic, we are going to discuss the main elements that let the company grow well all over the world.

Four Pillars of Starbucks Development Strategy

Before we go deep and talk about the success factors of Starbucks, it is more important to discuss the main pillars that are always part of the plan.

Here we are going to discuss the four pillars that helped the company grow widely and retain customers for a long time. Let’s have a look at these development strategies.

1. Quality

One of the most prominent things that Starbucks always focuses on is the quality of the coffee. This is the element where the company never compromises.

Compared to other coffee brands, Starbucks doesn’t let the taste of the coffee get damaged. So, you will get the same quality coffee cup from here every time.

Furthermore, in order to ensure the freshness of the product, the company imports coffee beans from all over the world and roasts them in-house.

Other than that, the organization has a proper quality control process and makes sure to meet the standards and maintain their taste.

2. Innovation

If you start serving the customers with the same product, they will get bored of it and will look for something unique.

This is the element that Starbucks always focus on and try something new in their products list as it makes the consumers happier.

Let’s take the example of Oleato coffee flavor which is made of coffee beans and cold-pressed olive oil so the customers have something new to taste.

Not only this, but the company has also introduced some new ways to serve coffee like drive-thru and ordering via mobile application.

3. Sustainability

Retaining the customers is a difficult task as you have to provide value to all the consumers as well as maintain the quality of the products.

Starbucks always focuses on this factor and makes sure to provide a good quality service to the clients to keep them happy.

The most important thing that this company did all over the tenure is that it grows the coffee beans on its own farms and takes care of it.

Moreover, they also make sure to reduce the environmental impact through their activities so they recycle the used products in their store.

4. Customer service

One of the most prominent things that everyone has noticed about Starbucks is that they have the best customer care service.

The staff of this brand is very friendly and makes sure to provide you with a relaxed environment so you can make your moments memorable.

This company always responds to the queries of its customers in the best way so they can get satisfied with the service they got from here.

Success Factors of Starbucks Strategy

So far, we have discussed all the important elements that have made Starbucks an exceptional coffee brand all over the world.

Now we are going to give you an overview of the top strategies that have made the company successful so rapidly.

We will look at the marketing strategy of this brand that has made this company a better option for customers than any other coffee shop.

Let’s dive deep and have a look at the success factors of Starbucks. Here we

Targeting a niche

The first and most important thing that is always important to focus on while entering the market is to select your niche and check out what people are demanding the most.

In the early 70s people were becoming more health conscious so it was a good chance for Starbucks to introduce some healthy diet products.

At that time, the company introduced top-quality coffee that’s healthy for the people. This organization never compromised its standards which helped it in retaining new customers.

All coffee lovers preferred this brand because of its taste. The main reason was that the coffee was made of naturally processed beans that were even crushed at home.

Fast service

The service of any company always plays a vital role in increasing the value and getting new customers and this was the approach that Starbucks always focused on.

Most of the customers that used to visit the shop were always in a hurry as they were working in the offices. So they had a very short time.

Starbucks improved its service and tried to make fast delivery so that consumers can get their orders quickly and save a lot of their time.

Baristas were trained to deliver the order rapidly and because of this element, a lot of new customers started coming to this store.

Getting customer review

Getting reviews from customers always helps in improving the service and overcoming the problems faced by the company.

For that purpose, Starbucks improved its customer service and used to get their review. This was the best practice that helped the company to enhance its service.

Other than that, the customer care service also makes sure to solve the issues of the customers so they can get them back and maintain the brand reputation as well.

Bottom Lines

Here we have covered some of the best activities that made Starbucks a giant in the world of coffee. 

Although, there are also multiple elements because of which the company built a global coffee empire and you can read it in detail from Starbucks’ case study solution.

The marketing strategy of a company is always the key factor that took the company to its peak. Furthermore, some other things included top-standard products, innovation, and customer care.

Starbucks organization was managed in a proper way that made it the first choice for every coffee lover. Hope this article has provided you with a lot of new information related to Starbucks. You can contact us via email or ask your queries in the comments section.

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