How People Are Using Google Search in 2020

Google Search

The majority of business is done online today, and because of this, search engines have become a business owner’s best friend. If you own an eCommerce store, your site rank in search engine results can make or break your company and its reputation. Here are some techniques for improving your rank on the search engine results page and make Google search work for your online store.

BigCommerce SEO

If your online store is hosted on an eCommerce platform you know they come with tools for product page web design and business support. They often include basic eCommerce SEO techniques to help improve your search engine rank, but there are limits to their SEO features. If you have a BigCommerce store, consider using a third-party eCommerce SEO agency that specializes in BigCommerce SEO to ensure your site has access to software solutions with the most advanced SEO features.

BigCommerce users can take advantage of the built-in SEO tools, but even with an eCommerce hosting platform, your site can easily be drowned out in the search results by the thousands of other available online marketplaces. This is why it’s crucial to use BigCommerce SEO experts whose software and tools are specifically designed for BigCommerce sites. BigCommerce SEO services perform innovative keyword research to find the best new focus keyword to use for your product page or even as anchor text for internal links.

These unique strategies can determine the SEO best practices for BigCommerce sites. With the help of these SEO strategies your BigCommerce site will rank above not only other BigCommerce hosted stores, but it will also rank higher than any of your eCommerce competitors.

Keyword Research and Strategies

Keyword research is essential for SEO and improving your site rank. Using software with keyword difficulty scores when creating content for your online store lets you easily track which focus keyword has the best chances of ranking. ECommerce stores often flood search results pages so having strong keyword SEO throughout your site and in product descriptions will help your site stand out in search results.

Technical Page SEO

BigCommerce SEO software that goes beyond simple focus keyword research can add critical value to your BigCommerce site and search results page listing. Schema markup, in-depth meta descriptions, rich snippets, and a strong backlink building process for internal links are all crucial SEO features to look for in SEO software for your BigCommerce site’s ranking as well as improved user experience on your page.

Rich snippets and effective keyword use are two essential techniques for improving your BigCommerce site’s rank. Keywords and rich snippets add value to your search results listing. Rich snippets specifically provide crucial information within your search result listing that customers may be looking for so they know about your website before they visit. Product reviews, prices, product descriptions, and even other internal links can all be used as rich snippets.

On-Page SEO

Whether it’s your product pages, category pages, or additional content features on your BigCommerce site, anything that appears on your website is subject to page SEO techniques to improve your search results rank. For BigCommerce sites, it’s essential to find SEO solutions agencies that provide specialized focus keyword research and content scores with keyword tracking.

These SEO experts specialize in optimizing product pages and product descriptions for your BigCommerce marketplace by including high-value keywords. On-page SEO not only includes keyword ranking and effective keyword use for your landing page, but it also uses some technical page SEO tools such as title tags and meta descriptions.

Social Media Management

Not all BigCommerce software solutions agencies offer social media management services so it’s important to look for BigCommerce SEO experts with experience in the best practices of advertising and public relations. This way you’ll be sure that your BigCommerce website is optimized for both desktop and mobile devices in order to streamline the user experience. They can also help schedule social media and blog posts as well as research your target audience to help you find new potential customers.

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