How Online Stores Can Drive Organic Traffic In 2020?

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For online stores, the goal that they all try to aim for is to get customers to visit your store rather than another company’s. Aside from SEO tools and PPC advertising, there are over a dozen tactics you can try to help your traffic increase and generate more business without any expenses, but for the most effective, we’ve narrowed them down to five.

Here is a list of five organic ways to drive traffic to your store in 2019:

1. Write A Clever Buyer Persona

The trap that most ecommerce store owners often fall for is writing for search engines rather than the very people they want to discover them. To know exactly who your content is for, put together a buyer persona. A buyer persona is a detailed representation of your ideal customer.

For a complete buyer persona, write down details about the consumers you are looking to attract, from gender and age to more specific things about them. Are they single? Married? Have kids? Do they have specific interests or hobbies? Do they come from ethnic backgrounds? What problems do they have that your company can help them with?

2. Manage A Blog From Your Website

Unless you constantly get new products in weekly, there aren’t many ways in which you can update your site on a regular basis and add new content. One way you can do this, however, is by adding a blog to your website and regularly write new posts. Blogging is arguably the most effective means of generating traffic to your site, as it gives your ecommerce store more depth and more ways for customers to discover your website from search engines. If you are not adept at blogging, you can take the help of companies which offer ecommerce SEO packages.

Write blog posts that center around topics that closely relate to your target demographic, with an occasional call to action of getting them to buy a product from your store. A successful blog, however, is an ongoing commitment, so try to write blog posts as often as you can in a consistently professional manner. If writing isn’t your forte, or you don’t have time to be writing, you can appoint an employee to write your blogs or hire a blog writer.

3. Utilize Internal Links

Once you have a few dozen productive pages on your website, you can create internal links on your pages where you see fit. Internal links are clickable images or text that will take the visitor from one page on your website to another. One way that you can use these links is to take readers from your blog to a related product’s page.

The purpose of this is to get the visitor to see more of your website and have them visit longer than normal. Because of internal links, the duration of the customer’s time on your site will increase, which in turn lifts your web pages up in search results.

4. Connect Your Company With Social Media

Of course, search engines aren’t the only means of getting your company’s name out there. With all the social media platforms that exist and the tens of millions, if not billions of people using each one of them, you are sure to have an increasing number of people come across your company.

Prioritize on social media platforms that your demographic generally uses, post news and updates on a regular basis, and even create links to your website so you can continue to keep customers coming back to your website for one reason or another. Be sure to provide a link to your company’s online store in the description or bio of each social media page. Social media is a surefire way to help you court visitors from one site they frequent to another.

5. Use Analytic Tools

When customers do come across your online store, do you ever wonder how they did so? There are various analytic tools that you can use to get a better understanding of how customers find out about your ecommerce store, such as a set of keywords that they type in order to see a link to one of your web pages.

This can open up plenty of possibilities to help you realize what is working, what isn’t working, and what you can do to better optimize your company’s exposure on search engines. Did you recently advertise a sale or giveaway? You can likely tell how many visitors were affected by an ad or promotion simply by seeing what they type with analytic tools.


Aside ecommerce SEO packages, generating business might seem like a brutal task for a single ecommerce store to overcome, but thankfully, you have a handful of ways to not only help customers find your business, but also help your business find customers. Use one or more tactics above to give your store more online exposure.

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