How Online Loans Work

Online Loans

The concept of online lending has been on the rise around the world. The amount of money that is lent to people through their smartphones has been increasing. At the same time, the number of companies that offer these services is increasing. These companies have received a lot of money from venture capitalists. In this article, we will look at how these companies like Tunaiku Android and Tunaiku iOS work.

Who Offers Online Loans?

Online loans are offered by two main types of companies. First, there are banks and credit unions that offer these loans. These companies do so to their customers. They have the benefit of having more information about a customer’s cash flow and bank accounts. These apps help these companies serve their customers well. Second, there are companies that have been created purposely to give loans to customers. Their revenue model is that of earning an interest from the loans they offer.

How these online loan works

Technology is the most important aspect of these loans. It is very important because it help create a platform that can assess the creditworthiness of a customer. These loans work like this. First, a customer downloads an app and creates an account. The app requests permission for the customer’s location, messages, and contacts. These permissions help the lender continue its scrutiny about the customer.

After the customer submits their details, the company does a credit check. It does these checks from credit bureaus and credit rating agencies. These are companies that aggregate user data from banks and comes up with a rating. They also show all the loans the customer has borrowed in the past and whether they had a problem paying.

The lending company uses advanced technology of artificial intelligence and machine learning to do all this within a few seconds. The company then sends money to the borrower. At first, the company sends a small amount of money. This limit can be increased as the customer nurtures his relationship with the company.

Compliance with the Loans

These companies face a major challenge on how to deal with the borrower. This is because these loans are usually unsecured. If a borrower defaults, the company does not have the ability to recover the money. They don’t have a collateral that they can sell. Still, these companies have tools that they use to recover the money. First, the company can send your information to a credit bureau. This leads to blacklisting, which can make it difficult for you to borrow money again. Second, they have access to your messages and contacts. Many of these companies are known to call your friends and relatives about your loans. Third, these companies can take legal action against you.


Online loans have become very popular. Some companies that offer the services have raised hundreds of millions of dollars from customers. At the same time, regulators are starting to crack down on these companies. Even Google has come up with regulations to help minimize the spread of payday loans through these apps.

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