How Not to Be Afraid of Leadership?

Afraid of Leadership

The phenomenon of mindful leadership is a very endearing one to know, understand or experience. This is because of its challenging nature. Therefore, when some people assume leadership roles they often have greater tendencies to be fearful. This is not the best because fear is a notable hindrance from showcasing the shining leadership qualities which is innate in everyone. There is however some know-how in dealing with fear in leadership. This piece would discuss just that.

1. Courage

Experts have proposed that courage is the resistance to fear and not really the absence of fear. You have got to just muster the courage to manage your fear even if you really can feel it. Note that this can be fear about anything. For instance, a leader may be quite fearful that he is not fit enough to take up some leadership role. The bad side to this is that you are made to lose the mind that you really cannot deliver well whereas you could. In this case, you need to just reassure yourself you can still do well anyway and be the good leader.

2. Get ready for and embrace criticism

Everything is about expectation. When you make yourself ready to get criticism then you can be very sure to manage the resulting fears. Welcome constructive criticism and learn to deal with the seeming destructive ones. It is just about how mature you are emotionally. Don’t react to your critics; respond to their criticisms for the greater good and move on to be best leader you can be.

3. Admit you need help

Truly, the buck falls upon you to take full responsibility in the face of failure. However, you need to realize that a viable support structure to fall back on may save the day. A viable system organized to manage certain crises would surely be supportive. This is made possible when you clearly show how vulnerable you are and admit that you would need particular helps.

Sometimes you might need professional help. For example, in writing specific business paper or case study writing for your organization, you may have to consult experts such as, who are well known for such assignments. You may always need help from outside organizations too. You need to train your psyche that no one is an island of solution. Concerning this you need not harbor the fear of being seen as incompetent or not up to the task. Nonetheless, avoid gesticulations or an attitude that carries you off as being totally dumb. This belittles you enough.

4. Learn to cope with failures

The ability to cope with failures can be compared to none! Various individuals have their own history or records of failure. This does not exempt leaders altogether. In fact, the most successful leaders have always had to manage big crises time upon time. But their ability to get out, especially mentally, has distinguished them as strong leaders worthy of emulating. Failing, as they say is not what dampens, but not rising and readjusting ourselves is failure.

5. Be skilled in effective communication

Effective communication capabilities greatly give you an edge in leadership matters. Now, not everyone possesses this skill, but you would find out that many great leaders did learn to communicate as they should. Communication makes for efficiency and smooth-flowing social cycle of your work environment. Your co-workers or team members desire to hear from you and they are actually inspired and motivated with the way you do this. So, try perfecting your primal communication tools – your writing and speaking skills.

6. Try to be always decisive

This is a factor that every leader needs to attend to. Most times, the effective leader has got to overcome the fear of making risky decisions. Most times, you have got to decide at once, the hard way. Sluggishness in making decisions at times, you should know, stiffens the general progress that a team or the business could enjoy. However, be sure to make those decisions leveraging on where you are going and not your present environment. Project smartly into the future!

7. Envisage the worst that can happen

Envisaging the worst incidence that can ever happen as you trudge on in your leadership dealings is equally important. Once you discover this you are able to put your mind ahead of coping with every crisis that might come your way. This can go a long way in helping you to be firm and decisive when the fear of failure comes up.

8. Learn to assess the fear

If you are the positive thinker you would realize that you may assess fear from an optimistic side. Sometimes, fear may be a good alarm. At times, it just shows you are daring and that you are ready to take the giant step towards taking your organization to the next level. At other times, it depicts that you are putting yourself and the company in predicament. Whichever way it goes you just need to discover that you need to understand your fear for a relevant circumstance.

You need to learn to assess fear very rightly. An industrial psychology expert and professor, Dr. Joey Collins, has rightly appraised that effective leaders show a level of self-awareness and mindfulness of their emotions. Never as though they are not emotive about fear, he affirms, they do. They are only more aware of their trepidation and are better positioned to understand the issue that is pointing the fear out.


Back and forth, you need to really understand that fear is a natural part of human life. It is just ingrained within the psyche of nearly every person, the leader inclusive. It is how you then react to people and situations that tend to threaten you as a leader that distinguishes you from the pack of leaders seen all around. This becomes achievable if you familiarize yourself with the key points about managing fear in leadership.

One thought on “How Not to Be Afraid of Leadership?”

  1. Well Jennifer, let me tell you, as I am in a process of becoming a leader ( group of 25 people) all of your points are so spot on, I congratulate you on the way you express yourself on the way to control one´s emotions.
    This will definitely help once you really digest all the theory and will eventually become more familiar to what is like feeling and becoming a leader.
    Thanks a lot!
    Greeting from Mexico!

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